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Request for proposal - Financial Support Mechansim to Third Parties

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Request for Proposals:


For “Promoting Stability, Well-Being and Harmony for Myanmar Muslim and Host Communities in Thailand” (RFP No.: 001/2017)

Funded by the European Union

Deadline for submission: 10th February 2017 at 17.00 Thailand local time

Full details can be read here:


IOM "Promoting stability, well-being and harmony for Myanmar Muslim and host communities in Thailand" Programme (MM&HC) is a four year programme (between 2016 and 2020) funded by the European Union’s Aid Uprooted People (AUP). The programme aims to address the extreme vulnerabilities of marginalized Myanmar Muslims as well as disadvantaged Thais in host communities in Tak, Ranong, and Phang Nga Provinces. Under the program, IOM has established a Third party mechanism (TP-mechanism) for providing sub-grants for NGOs or CBOs. Accordingly, IOM issues a call for proposals for NGOs, CBOs to carry out activities to improve the social cohesion and the living condition of vulnerable population in the target communities by addressing the needs and vulnerabilities of Rohingyas and Myanmar Muslims as well as the migrants, displaced persons, Diasporas and Disadvantaged Thais in Tak and Ranong.

Expected Results:

Improved access to services in the area of Health, Legal aid, Education, Livelihoods and Protection, ensuring the financial support is used to serve the interests of marginalized Myanmar Muslims and thedisadvantaged Thais in the identified target communities

2)      Improved social cohesion in host communities in Tak (Mae sot) and Ranong Provinces.

Eligibility of applicants:

Local NGO charity, CSO or CBO, registered and un-registered;

Established sectoral competence in the area of potential intervention to be supported by the TP funding;

Established geographical presence in the area of operation, or established capacity to mobilize over a short period of time;

Able to meet standards of financial probity

Capacity to meet monitoring, evaluation and reporting requirements established by IOM

Size of grants:

For a registered entity

For an un-registered entity

EUR 30,000 – 60,000 per entity,

equivalent of THB 1,135,000 - 2,271,000

EUR 15,000 - 30,000 per entity,

equivalent of THB 567,500 - 1,135,000

Duration: 12 or 24 months*

(*with the first month dedicated for project design and planning activities including conducting gender-sensitive vulnerability and capacity assessment in the target communities)

Types of actions

All activities should include the following elements:

Activities serving the interests of target population in the target communities;

Activities promoting access of the target population, including both men and women, to existing services in the areas of health, education, legal aid, protection and Livelihood in language they understand;

Activities focusing on building capacity of actors (Community volunteers and women leaders and volunteers, and etc.) based on their needs and priorities in areas such as organizational development, public speaking, leadership training, language training and etc.;

Activities supporting communities to organize themselves and address local challenges;

Activities contributing to improving community cohesion through addressing the needs and concerns of Thai host communities over the migrant population

Activities empowering target population to voice their needs through participatory documentation of barriers impeding the target population from access to public services in 5 key sectors; Health, Livelihoods, Legal aid, Protection, Education

How to apply

Applicant is required to complete an application form and submit all required documents to before the call deadline. Applicants must apply in English. Hand-written Proposals will not be accepted.

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13 Jan 2017