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Section Head Administration and Finance


Organization : ทางมูลนิธิ AIPP
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 1 Oct 2014
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Position:              Section Head

Section:                Administration and Finance

Duration:             Maximum of 3 years, including 6 months probation(subject to the performance and availability of the fund)

Reports to:          Secretary General

Duty Station:       AIPP Regional Secretariat in Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) is a regional organization of founded in 1988 as a platform for solidarity and cooperation among indigenous peoples in Asia.AIPP actively promotes and defends indigenous peoples’ rights and human rights, sustainable development and management of resources, as well as environment protection.

The AIPP secretariat is currently strengthening its staff management systems and leadership. Under the new management set-up, the secretariat will have three thematic pillars with five strategic programmes toraise awareness; build capacities for indigenous peoples’ empowerment and conductsustainedadvocacy, networking and alliance building to achieve its mission.

The Administration and Finance Section is the ‘housekeeping’ function, which basically supportsthe Thematic Programme and Institutional Support Services (ISS) sections in terms of financial planning, proper accounting and administrative services including human resource management, information, communication and technology. This sectionmakes sure that the organization has sustainable and efficient finance and administrative management systems in place.



I. Core Function of the Administration and FinanceSection: The Administration and Finance Sectionensures that the AIPP management and operations including finance management, planning, reporting and control systems as well as administrative support systems are efficient and effective.

The outcomes of the sectionare:

AIPP internal and external funds are properly management, utilized and accounted for in accordance with AIPP policies and guidelines as well as in adherence with programme and project agreements.

AIPP has efficient and effective administration with appropriate support structures – office, equipment and other facilities for conducive working environment.

II. Major Duties and Responsibilities:  

The head of the administrative and finance section will ensure the compliance to internationally acceptedfinancial management and accounting standards of AIPPand administrative management. S/he will have the following duties and responsibilities:

Ensure that the AIPP operations are supported by efficient and effective financial management systems and procedures

Ensure that AIPP adheres to the highest standards of institutional governance relating to finance and administration

Ensure that the Human Resource Management (HRM) system is up-to-date including personnel records, visas and work permits, staff welfare among others

Ensure that the AIPP operations are supported by modern, efficient, effective and reliable Information, Communication and Technology(ICT) solutions

Oversee efficient and effective administrative systems and procedures in coordination with administrative team at AIPP

Assist in the development and review of finance reports and contracts to be signed between project partners and AIPP

Ensure preparation of management response to audit reports

Take the lead in Staff recruitment, preparation of staff contracts and its renewal

Monitor implementation of AIPP’s Policies and guidelines including Anti-corruption policies by the staff members and project partners

Review and recommend amendments adjustments on the policies and guidelines in close coordination with the core management team

Regularly attend and contribute the core management team meetings and prepare reports onthe finance and administrative matters.

Ensure conducive working environment of the regional secretariat

Oversee day-to-day management and supervise administration and finance team of AIPP


III. Working Relationships:

Interact and work closely with the core management team and the staff in the section

Provide technical backstopping to the staff under the section

Interact and coordinate with partners, donors, AIPP Executive Council and Advisory Board, staff and volunteers accordingly


IV. Minimum work requirements:

The applicant must be an ‘Indigenousperson’from the Asiapreferably from Thailand.


Knowledge and Qualification:

Bachelor degree on accounting, management or relevant academic field on finance and administration

Comprehensive knowledge on international accounting systems, finance and administrative systems and management

Familiar with indigenous peoples’ rights and issues



At least 3 years work experience accounting or finance managementor a senior management position relating to finance and administration.

Experienced in working with national and international indigenous peoples organizations, or civil society organizations or government agency


Skills, Abilities and other requirements

Strong analytical and related skills on financial and administrative matters

Excellent communication skillsin written and verbal English.

Excellent skills in facilitation and human resource management

Willing totravel throughout Asia and beyond, when needed.

Self-motivated, dynamic, creative and energetic

Positive attitude to working in a multi-ethnic/social environment

Flexible to do multi-tasking and to work under pressure


V. Remuneration and benefits for the coordinator include:

Competitive salary and benefits including 13th month pay

Housing and personal communication allowance.

Health Insurance including annual executive medical check-up

Travel farefor annual home visit for foreign staff

Paid holidays including 2 weeks year-end holiday

Related cost for work permit and visa

Salary rate shall be based on qualifications and on prevailing rates of regional NGOs based in Thailand

AIPP invites applications from qualified candidates for this position to be submittedby October 152014 to following email addresses: and

The application shall include a cover letter indicating ethnicity, summary of qualification, skills and experience, potential contribution to AIPP, availability, CV withat least tworeferences with complete contact details (including email address and, phone number)

For more information on AIPP and its programme, please visit our,,,

Contact :


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