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Administration Officer – Regional Office


Organization : Terre des Hommes Regional Office Bangkok
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 6 Oct 2014
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Administration Officer – Regional Office
Job title Administration Officer
Section of the organisation Terre des Hommes Regional Office Bangkok
Reports to Regional Operations Manager
Purpose of the function
To maintain and collaborate on the administration affairs of Terre des Hommes Netherlands regional office and to ensure a clean and supportive office environment.
Tasks and Result areas
1. Administration
 To maintain the day to day running of the regional office and office assets through use of operating systems and maintenance. Administer office inventory, utilities and keep files/ databank up to date and ensure that reporting to regional office is done on time;
 To ensure sound implementation and execution of all the administrative tasks for the regional office;
 To ensure Terre des Hommes Netherlands (TdHNL) compliance to laws, regulations, and other statutory requirements of the government, its agencies and instrumentalities;
 To ensure consistency of the administrative management system in the regional office according to standard operating procedures of TdHNL;
 To advise on appropriate administrative systems and procedures in the regional office;
 To be responsible for safeguarding the organisation’s assets in close coordination with the regional operations manager;
 To procure, issue and manage the inventory of office assest and supplies, according to the need and requirements, internal guidelines and approved budget.
 To be responsible of security of office, staff and assets in coordination with the regional operations manager;
Result: Improved and sound day to day running of the regional office based on policies of TdH and improved quality of administration in the regional office.
2. Finance
 To be responsible for all financial (cash and bank) transactions and recordings and safekeeping of related documents of regional office;
 To be responsible for timely submission each month to the regional office of monthly finance reports and budget requests (quarterly);
 To be responsible for compliance to all bank requirements;
 To assist with project financial monitoring when needed;
 To maintain the filing of finance related documents.
Result: Sound financial systems in place and sound and timely reporting
3. ICT
 To liase with the head office google team, the work groups in maintaining the ICT systems and machines in the office including the software and backup systems;
 To ensure sound data administration, backup of the office files and ensure all important documentation also available at once.
Result: Improved quality and maintenance of ICT and digital documentation of Terre des Hommes Netherlands relevant documents.
4. Personnel
 To advise the regional operations manager on any changes, development and policies of the government relating to employment contract and statutory benefits;
 To advise regional operations manager on the Certificate of Employment of regular and project staffs, as well as the Certificate of Engagement for Outsourced Service Providers, when needed;
 To assist the regional operations manager in any HR related aspects.
Result: Enhanced HR system, standards and procedures in line with national laws and therefore a satisfied workforce in the TdH regional office.
5. Others
 To assist the regional operations manager in implementing and executing the security manual and SOP’s.
 To assist the regional operations manager in recording the complaints, according to guidelines of head office, in order to achieve rapid and satisfaction handling of complaints.
 To facilitate the evaluators, consultants, visitors and TdHNL staffs in secretarial and office management;
 Think about ways to improve the quality and efficiency of the office administration and share these ideas with the regional operations manager.
Result: ensured that organizational risks are minimized. Improved and sound day to day running of the regional office based on rules and regulations and policies of TdH.
Knowledge and experience
- Knowledge of administration and management on bachelor degree level, or a proven track record of a good services in the field;
- Knowledge of finance administration;
- Minimum of three (3) years relevant working experience;
- High proficiency in writing and speaking English;
- Up to date in ICT and working on google-cloud base system;
- Social skills required for communications with external relations (government, media and institution) and colleagues, the acquisition of clarifications of data, reports and the solving of problems.
Core competency: Focus on results – tactical
Core competency: Cooperating - operational
Core competency: Acting entrepreneurial - operational
Functional competency: Accuracy - operational Functional competency: Analyse - operational Functional competency: Planning and organizing - operational
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