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Consultant for Civsam Evaluation


Organization : Diakonia Thailand
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 21 Oct 2014
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Terms of Reference for the Diakonia Asia Civsam Evaluations


1.    Background

Diakonia is a Swedish faith-based development organisation working around the globe together with local partners for a sustainable change for the most vulnerable people of the world. Diakonia’s goal is to change unfair political, economic, social and cultural structures that generate poverty, oppression and violence.

In Asia, Diakonia cooperates with partner organizations in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The common goal for our work is to fight against poverty, strengthen gender equality and be a part of processes where the most vulnerable and exposed people have the opportunity to live a just and dignified life.

This evaluation will be undertaken for:


For our work in Thailand, Diakonia supports our partner organisations with funding and capacity building. Together with our partner organisations, we work to increase their ability to demand and defend human rights and strengthen their participation in democratic processes. Our partner organisations also work with children's rights, anti-trafficking campaigns, rehabilitation of victims of trafficking, support of migrants, human rights in ASEAN and climate justice. Diakonia and our partner organisations also engage local authorities to promote, respect and protect human rights, as well as strengthen participatory democracy.

2.    About the Sida Civsam Programme 2012-2014

Diakonia has a so called frame agreement with Sida, the Swedish international development cooperation agency. The Sida Civsam funding is Diakonia’s long term funding source. Diakonia does not implement or carry out projects on its own except for capacity building. Instead, Diakonia supports and cooperates with local partner organisations and often gives institutional support, based on our theory of change and rights based approach.

Thematic priorities for the 2012-2014 programme were

Human Rights


Gender Equality

Social and Economic Justice

Peace and Reconciliation


Additionally, Diakonia's added value are defined by the principles of good donorship and partnership and is concretised through the different roles we play:

Accompanying partner

Capacity builder, including institutional capacity builder

Conveyor of synergies

Resource mobiliser and grant manager

Donor coordinator

Awareness raiser and advocacy organization in Sweden and Europe


3.    Purpose of Evaluation

The overall purpose of the evaluation is to assess the relevance, effectiveness, impact and the sustainability of the interventions implemented by partner organisations supported by the partnership with Diakonia.

An Evaluation will:

determine the extent that the work has had impact by contributing to changes in the lives of rights holders

evaluate the achievement of results as relevant to Diakonia [CO’s] various strategic interventions under the thematic priorities

assess the adequacy and relevance of the results and indicators under each thematic priority

evaluate the sustainability of the program and partners, including financial sustainability (e.g. value for money, resource mobilisation)

determine the extent that gender mainstreaming has impacted gender equality

determine whether there has been a positive or negative impact on the environment due to partners’ projects

evaluate the conflict sensitivity of the projects

assess Diakonia’s added value

make recommendations and conclusions that could be taken into consideration for the future program development


4.    Consultant’s Skills and Qualifications

The consultant (or an evaluation team) should possess a good knowledge of the country’s context as well the role of civil society development in developing countries in Asia and a strong gender perspective, conflict sensitivity and Do No Harm. The consultant(s) must have a qualified and experienced team leader with preferably a Master degree in related subjects and a minimum of seven years of relevant experience, particularly undertaking programme evaluations. The consultant(s) must have members fluent in Thai and English.

5.    Methodology

The evaluation should be carried out with mainly participatory methods, focusing on results. The consultant should propose and select methods, evaluation questions and approaches in their proposal. 

6.    Evaluation Activities

The consultant will undertake the following activities:

A literature review of Diakonia and the relevant partner organisations documentation

Preparatory meetings and consultations with the Diakonia team

Undertake interviews/workshops with:

the Diakonia team

key people of the respective partner organisations

rights holders

duty bearers

other likeminded organisations, including ACT Forum members and co-donors

Workshops/interviews are to be structured in a way that would facilitate active involvement of the participants, particularly women and youth, and obtaining their input and feedback.

Deliver a workshop PowerPoint presentation to the country office capturing the results, analyses and recommendations.

Write a draft and final report

7.    Output/Reporting

The consultant will be required to produce a detailed methodology and work plan at the start of the consultancy.
The consultant will be required to prepare and deliver a PowerPoint presentation of the draft report to the country office.
The final report should be comprehensive, in English and focus on the results. It should not exceed 50 pages of narrative plus appendices.
The final report is expected to include the following chapters (and recommended page length):

1.    Executive summary (2 pages)
2.    Table of Contents 
3.    Country context, limitations and facilitating factors (1 page)
4.    Objectives of the evaluation (1/2 page)
5.    Evaluation methodology, including limitations encountered (1 page)
6.    Results findings (<25 pages)
       a)    Human Rights
       b)    Democracy
       c)    Gender Equality
       d)    Social and Economic Justice
       e)    Peace and Reconciliation
       f)    Other results (e.g. disaster risk reduction)
7.    Diakonia’s Added Value (5 pages)
8.    Lessons and recommendations (<5 pages)
9.    Appendices:
       a)    Result evaluation matrix (template to be provided to the evaluator)
       b)    Terms of Reference for the evaluation team
       c)    Evaluation tools
       d)    List of places visited
       e)    List of documents reviewed
       f)    List of people interviewed etc.


8.    Timeframe, Duration and Deadlines

The consultant will engaged for 23 days between 15 November 2014 and 14 February 2015 (three months).

Start Evaluation

Literature review 3 days

Write detailed methodology, questions and work plan, prepare for field work 2 days

Preparation meeting with Country Office 1 Day

Field work 10 Days

Writing draft report 5 Days

Meet with Diakonia to present 1st Draft Report (for comment) 1 Day

Amendments to Draft Report 1 Day

Deliver Final Report


9.    How to Apply

Applicants must prepare a brief application (maximum 3 pages) addressing the following key selection criteria, including a budget plus a curriculum vitae for each consultant.

Key Selection Criteria:



Max points

1.Consultant’s knowledge about the [the country’s] human rights context and the role civil society plays in [the country] Max points 30

2.Consultant’s experience Max points 20

3.Suitability of work plan and time schedule Max points 20

4.Suitability of methodology Max points 15

5.Cost of the assignment Max points 15


10. Contact

Please send applications by 5 November 2014 to:

Diakonia Thailand Country Office


Post: P.O.Box 111, Sansai district, Chiang Mai 50210

Contact :


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