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Supporter Care Assistant Coordinator


Organization : Greenpeace Southeast Asia (Thailand)
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 7 Jan 2019
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Deadline : 18 / January / 2019

Position Summary

The Supporter Care Assistant Coordinator is an essential in delivering this vision, He/She is responsible for ensuring accurate management of financial donors and demographic information and ensuring that financial contributions are processed and received in a timely manner each month with no errors. The successful candidate will also ensure that financial donors are properly/accurately, and in a timely manner, thanked for their contributions. The successful candidate will enjoy working with Salesforce Database, be detailed oriented and be passion about delivering excellent donor care. Also retain our financial donors by communication through engaging network. 

Create telemarketing list for internal telemarketing and monitor daily result in order to make sure that Greenpeace continuingly receive financial support.

Create weekly report from in-house telemarketing for analysis. Also debit checking for debit request and debit feedback to make sure the transaction has no errors through Salesforce system.  

Secure adherence to Organization’s Policies and Guidelines.

Key Duties

Roles and Responsibilities: Day to Day operation on timely basis with no errors


  • Manage data entry officers to conduct data entry process and also verify for the correctness in Salesforce Database parallel with donation form
  • Review/Monitor donation form for the correctness if not he/she need to take action for the solution of correctness
  • Process authorization documents and update in Salesforce Database both once submit to Banks for authorization process and from Banks for authorization feedback
  • Arrange and Follow up Banks for not return the authorization feedback
  • Work with Database Teams on each records are ready to debit
  • Process/Review Waysact (Database System for Mobile Payment) donation before upload to Salesforce Database
  • Coordinate with Banks to follow up authorization donation form which not return by Salesforce report
  • Any issues to support operation team

Roles and Responsibilities: Processing donation collection for all channels


  • Compile a monthly donation debit request and feedback (3 times a month for Direct Debit and 2 times a month for Credit Card) with no errors or missing also work with Database Teams on each transaction to ensure all Bank document are in line with the actual transaction
  • Make sure the feedback result is recorded correctly by running report from Salesforce Database parallel with Bank Report
  • Help fulfill other transaction including Cheque, Cash, Money Transfer or any other payment method into Salesforce Database 

Roles and Responsibilities: Take lead in Communication to Financial Donors Descriptions/Activities:

  • Manage Supporter Care Team for thank you communication
  • Perform a timely update on the Salesforce Database after each communication sent out via Post

Roles and Responsibilities: Supporting


  • May need to work closely with Supporter Care Team in handling supporters’ incoming phone calls
  • Be part of Team for Financial Donors Gathering/Activity (Donors’ Event)
  • Help Supporter Care Coordinator Generate lead for in-house Telemarketing program
  • Assist the Supporter Care Coordinator in organizing and implementing plan
  • Manage data entry officer to conduct data entry process and also verify for the correctness in Salesforce database
  • Help monitor the correctness of donation form and consult with supporter care Coordinator
  • Process authorization document and updating in Salesforce database
  • Compile a monthly donation debit request and feedback and process debit request and debit feedback
  • Process Waysact donation by monitoring daily result and upload to Salesforce Database and process debit request and communication Generate reports to reflect the quality of the database with the help of the Line Manager;
  • Arrange and follow up bank approval on direct debit requests;
  • Work with Database Teams on each transaction to ensure all bank document are in line with the actual transaction;
  • Help fulfill other transaction including online, cheque, cash, or any other payment method;
  • Perform a timely update on the database after each transaction; Send letters and follow up materials on time;
  • May need to work closely with Supporter Care Team in handling donors’ phone calls, helping in organizing Supporter gathering
  • Query for list creating to do the in-house telemarketing
  • Be able to manage supporter care team while Supporter Care Coordinator away
  • Be part of supporter communication from engaging network
  • Manage proactis payment all expenses under supporter care team
  • Checking the donation forms in Salesforce System after encoding by Data Entry Officer. He/She will ensure accuracy in the work that Data Entry Officer does.
  • Process first debit thank you letter to be mailed to Greenpeace Donors.
  • Prepare the donation forms and create cover letters for bank verification.
  • Prepare auto debit process.
  • Managing information from telemarketing officers and also prepare letter when needed.
  • Fulfill other tasks assigned by line manager during workday and be able to manage Supporter Care Team while Supporter Care Coordinator away.

Educational Background & Fundamental Qualifications

Level of Education:

University Graduated

Field of Study:

Economics, Business Administration or any field

Work Experience:

Experienced in using Word and Excel spreadsheet

Experienced in using Salesforce Database will be an advantage

Training or Certificate:


Competencies and Skills

Organizational Competencies


Knowledge and/or experience in managing conduct and emotions in a way that represents the values and realizes the objectives of the organization


Teamwork & Communication:

Knowledge and/or experience in working with others and presenting information, ideas, and positions in a clear manner that can easily be understood across diverse and multi-cultural audiences

Strategic Thinking & Global Mindset:

Knowledge and/or experience in addressing organizational objectives by developing calculated approaches that integrate an openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures

Functional Skills

Knowledge and/or experience in database systems (Salesforce), reporting and management

Knowledge and/or experience in Excel

Knowledge and/or experience in managing telemarketing agencies

Knowledge and/or experience in local fundraising markets and practices

Specific Work Environment

This position requires the employee to have a flexible approach and the ability to adapt and work in different and challenging work and cultural environments, which may include flexible arrangements working in challenging field and frontline work environments.




Normal hours of work for full time Employee will be forty (40) per week or (5) days in a week, at 8 hours per day excluding an hour lunch break. This will be from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:30 am to 6: 30 pm. Ordinary hours of work may be varied as agreed between staff and the line managers.


A permanent employee will be entitled to the following leaves:

Annual Leave: 20 days

Sick Leave:  30 days

Parental Leave:  10days

Maternity Leave: as per government rules and regulations and Greenpeace policy

Long Service Leave: 2 months paid leave after 5 years of continuous service

Compassionate leave: maximum of 5 days for the death of significant others 


In determining salary offer for this position, Greenpeace applies its Salary Grading Process, taking into consideration the job description and applicant’s previous experience, and the organization’s salary grade. 

Greenpeace provides health insurance, life insurance and travel insurance to its permanent employees. 


Greenpeace is committed to providing its employees with learning and development opportunities to be able to perform its functions more effectively.  Through its mentoring process and annual Performance Management System, staff’s development objectives are identified and prioritized.


Greenpeace is committed to the principle of Equal Employment Opportunity for all employees, regardless of sex, marital status, nationality, religion, age, sexual orientation and any other characteristics unrelated to the performance of the job. Selection will be in accordance with objective, job related criteria and the appointment will be on the basis of applicant’s merits and abilities.


Greenpeace management and staff are given guidance on the implications of the equal opportunities policy. Policies and procedures are reviewed to review and adapt current practices to promote equality of opportunity. Other organizational policies and procedures will be fully discussed to the successful applicant.


Interested candidates are invited to write Letter of Introduction, explaining why you are qualified for the position and why you want to work for Greenpeace, fill-up the  Application form from Link below

and email to:

Deadline for Applications:   January 18, 2019

We regret that we shall be unable to acknowledge receipt of the form but should you wish to confirm that we have received your application, please call our office at tel. +66 3571921.

As we receive a large number of applicants for our advertised vacancies, we are unable to respond to those applicants who have not been shortlisted and we apologize for this in advance.  If you do not hear from us within two weeks of the closing date, please assume that you have not been shortlisted.


Thank you and we look forward to receiving your application letter and completed application form.

Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinator เจ้าหน้าที่ประจำสำนักงาน / Officer


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