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Consultant Videographer for Development Justice Video Part 2


Organization : Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 1 Mar 2019
View : 514

Deadline : 20 / March / 2019

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD) is inviting person(s) from across Asia-Pacific with relevant experience and skills to submit their expression of interest for the consultancy for the production of the Road to Development Justice Video Part II.

Experienced video producers are invited to submit a short proposal containing a portfolio of their video animation production work, individual/ team resume, and an estimated budget for producing the the Road to Development Justice Video Part II as outlined in the following Terms of Reference. The proposal should include a quotation for video editing, as well as any additional costs such as travel, music, voiceover recording etc.

The deadline for submitting proposals is 20 March 2019 via email to Ms. Hien Nguyen at with the subject line ‘Application for Consultancy Service_DJ video Part 2’.

Terms of Reference:


APWLD is Asia Pacific’s leading feminist, membership driven network. Our membership represents diverse women from 27 countries in the region and provides the strength and expertise that drive and execute our programmes. For over 32 years APWLD has been empowering women to use law as an instrument of change for equality, justice, peace and development. We use capacity building, research, advocacy and activism to claim and strengthen women’s human rights.

APWLD along with other civil society organisations from the Asia Pacific region have been advocating for a transformative development framework that departs from the market – driven development architecture and proposes a people drive alternative development model rooted in its five foundational shifts of 1) Redistributive Justice, 2) Economic Justice, 3) Gender and Social Justice, 4) Environmental Justice, and 5) Accountability to Peoples. Development Justice  is a transformative development architecture that aims to reduce inequalities of wealth, power, and resources between countries, between rich and poor, and between men and women. This framework is based on the principles of common but differentiated responsibility and respective capacity and the right to development; embraces a holistic right-based approach; is grounded in international human rights obligations and peoples ‘sovereignty; and ensure that the human rights principles of equality, equity, non-discrimination, inclusive participation and decision-making, non-retrogression, and respect for universal and indivisible human rights underpin its policies and practices. Such an approach ensures that the most marginalised both benefit from development and become active agents of change.


Building on the first part of the Development Justice Video:

  • To highlight the continued worsening inequality and climate crises globally, and why it is more urgent than ever for us to advance alternatives to the current market-driven development architecture.
  • To expand on the five foundational shifts of the Development Justice framework – through concrete examples of alternative solutions developed and led by and women and communities.
  • To use this video as an advocacy tool to promote Development Justice at the various spaces that APWLD’s members and partners engage in.

Content Focus:

The consultant’s primary role would be to produce the Road to Development Justice Part 2 video (5-7 minutes) which will contain three key parts: Anger, Hopes and Action. Within these three, Hope will be the main focus. Each part will focus on the following:

  1. Anger: Will reflect on the current alarming situation of increasing inequality and climate change.
  2. Hope: Will further and briefly unpack the concepts of the five foundational shifts of the Development Justice framework using real examples of women and community-led development initiatives.
  3. Action: Will deliver a key message calling onto people to take action to promote Development Justice as an alternative model to replace the current ‘unjust’ development paradigm.

The Consultant

The consultant will be preferably be a woman from Asia Pacific, with a combination of skills which should include:

  • Experience in producing an animated video such as whiteboard video, 2D vector animation or stop-motion videos.
  • Experience in video scripting and creating storyboards.
  • Excellent command of English language.
  • A good sense of pace and timing.
  • A good sense of music to complement images.
  • Ability to edit a video or work with editors.
  • Experience in conducting interviews with grassroots women from diverse backgrounds is an advantage.
  • Knowledge and experience of women’s rights, movement building and structural and political issues in Asia Pacific is an advantage.

Main tasks

  1. Produce a 5-7 minute video. The production work shall include developing the script and storyboard with APWLD, and creating and editing the video accordingly.
  2. Include subtitles of the voice over in the video.
  3. Use or create custom work for the audio-visual of the video. Coordinate a voice-over service where required, including voice-over artists for the professional service delivery.
  4. Collaborate with APWLD Secretariat in editing and otherwise reviewing the video prior to the completion.
  5. Communicate regularly with APWLD Secretariat to share progress of the work, check details of the script, clarify queries and obtain further information.
  6. Submit to APWLD Secretariat the final video together with script for the voice over, subtitles, infographic images, an audio file(s) of the voice recording, and other raw files needed for editing in the future.


Consultant should be available to start immediately, with the final video to be completed by no later than 20 June 2019.

Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant นักพัฒนาโครงการ / Creative content developer


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