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Communication & Advocacy Intern


Organization : Manushya Foundation
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 7 Jun 2019
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Deadline : 16 / June / 2019

Full time


Who We Are


The Manushya Foundation: Empowering Communities; Advancing Social Justice“Manushya” is a Sanskrit term being understood by many communities across Asia and in the world, meaning “humans”, “human being”, or even “human rights” (such as manusia in Bahasa or Malay).


The Manushya Foundation is an Asian regional organisation aiming at empowering local communities to advance Social Justice, Human Rights & Peace. The Manushya Foundation aims at connecting Humans across Asia to build capacities, share experiences, strengthen solidarity and become agents of change.


Since 2017, we have been implementing our three step 'bottom-up' empowerment approach to 'Engage - Mobilise - Empower' Agents of Change. As a women-led organisation, we apply a 'gender lens' to all our work and decided to invest our energy and develop innovative strategies to tackle the most alarming human rights challenges faced by women and marginalised communities in Asia, by working on these four thematic areas: 1. Business & Human Rights - to ensure governments put People over Profit; 2. UN Human Rights Mechanisms - to guarantee meaningful engagement of communities in International Accountability Mechanisms; 3. Women’s Empowerment - to promote women's leadership and ensure women lead human rights movements across Asia; and 4. Digital Rights - to uphold online freedom and push back on censorship in authoritarian regimes. We hope to enable change in those areas by supporting: (1) Capacity Development of local communities; (2) Community-led participatory Research & Advocacy; (3) Coalition Building of intersectional networks; and (4) Sub-granting to ensure communities have the means to fight for their rights.


Manushya Foundation’s strategy lies on three pillars:


1. ENGAGE communities by building their capacities on all UN human rights mechanisms to ensure their effective participation, and by providing them with the tools to efficiently build credible evidence and monitor the human rights situation on the ground (human rights documentation) to hold their government accountable on their human rights obligations.


2. MOBILISE communities around human rights movements, by building CSOs coalitions comprising all human rights issues, where communities are treated equally and can build solidarity and where all human rights are equal (civil and political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights).


3. EMPOWER communities by ensuring they are at the center of the human rights response in their countries, engaging constructively and providing solutions to their government to improve the human rights on the ground. By applying a bottom-up approach, communities will own their issues, provide solutions and become the agents of change in their countries. Communities will bring back solutions at the local level to further empower their peers, ensuring no one is left behind.


The Manushya Foundation is a small NGO, with the advantages and constraints attached. Every staff member plays an important role and carries responsibilities. Dedication is key as it greatly impacts the work of the organisation. It is therefore necessary to embrace the vision and goals of the organisation and fully commit to its success.



Our Internship Programme


The Manushya Foundation offers the opportunity to interns to develop a unique experience of supporting local communities to access justice through UN human rights mechanisms and in improving the human rights situation on the ground. 


1. Description of Duties & Responsibilities


Under the supervision of the Executive Director and the Research & Advocacy Team members, the intern would be based with the Manushya Foundation, in Bangkok, Thailand, and would primarily support communications for activities to be implemented in Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Nepal. The intern will undertake the following tasks:

  • Develop and disseminate webstories, articles, multimedia; blog posts, knowledge products and resources amongst human rights organisations, civil society, development organisations, and the diplomatic community;
  • Assist in writing press releases;
  • Social Media Management: assist in developing social media content (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.), garner users to follow/like Manushya Foundation;
  • Update the website to build Manushya Foundation’s web presence (knowledge of Wordpress is critical);
  • Develop Manushya’s newsletter on Mailchimp;
  • Establish presence on LinkedIn and begin engaging influencers;
  • Create an Instagram account and begin engaging influencers;
  • Copy editing of papers and reports;
  • Create infographics for social media and/or documents; participate in the design of documents such as reports, press releases, factsheets, invitations to events, and more; 
  • Conduct research and analysis on the human rights situation in Asia;
  • Support the development of concept notes, policy papers, and contribute to knowledge products as necessary;
  • Support all aspects leading up to consultations and workshops including collaborating with regional and national partners on the agenda and organisation of meetings, among other administrative tasks;
  • Assist in any other relevant tasks as assigned by the supervisor.

Finally, s/he will be deeply involved in the implementation of international human rights obligations on the ground and experience a first-hand insight into the work and functioning of a small NGO.


2. Profile needed


  • Degree in communications, development, human rights, international relations, or any related field;
  • Interest in international human rights mechanisms and the United Nations system;
  • Experience in communications, social media, and/or web development; knowledge of Wordpress and CANVA is critical;
  • Strong analytical skills and dedication;
  • Very good command of oral and written English;
  • Experience working on human rights issues is a strong asset.


3. Internship conditions


The internship is full time for a period of three to six months. The internship is not paid. However, the internship can develop into a volunteer position, which would be remunerated.


Starting date: The intern is expected to start on 1 July 2019.



4. How to apply?


Please send CV and cover letter to:

Deadline is 16 June 2019.



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