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Web Designer / Developer


Organization : Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Bangkok Regional Centre
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 2 Aug 2019
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Deadline : 16 / August / 2019


Title        Web Designer  / Developer

Location               Home-based, Bangkok

Contract Duration             Maximum of 60 work days (September through December 2019)

Contract Supervision        Communications Officer, IGES Regional Centre

The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) is seeking a Web Designer / Developer (individual consultant/company) to create and develop a new website for the ASEAN Project on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Integration. The 20-month project funded by the Japan-ASEAN Integration Fund (JAIF) aims to demonstrate, assess and manage the causal factors of disasters and, consequently, influence the decisions on disaster risk reduction and climate change to mitigate newly arising and its impact, particularly in hazard-prone areas. It will be implemented at the regional level with country activities in Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines and Thailand between October 2018-May 2020.



Under the direct supervision of the Communications Officer, the web developer / designer will be required to perform the following:

  • Submit proposal for design layout and development of the new project website based on IGES and JAIF Communications Guidelines;
  • Carry out the technical design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance of the new website, integrated database and web application, taking into account the following requirements:
  • Clear catalogs and folders for data and page storage
  • Interactive web overview with flexible navigation
  • Accessible search function with practical and user-friendly feathers
  • Automatic visitor counter function (visible/hidden), etc.
  • Gather informative data/contents for the web presence (text, documents, pictures, key, speeches, videos, etc.) from IGES;
  • Provide domain name and website hosting service for 2019 and 2020;
  • Design and establish anti-hacker and antivirus plan for the website;
  • Provide technical backstopping after creation of the website, to rectify major issues identified following launch, and apply software or content update/maintenance;
  • Make recommendations for backup/restore plan, software/hardware, and other back-end applications related to the web development, including warranty and maintenance service;
  • Maintain and further develop existing project website;
  • Provide expertise from conception to delivery. Ensure work adheres to best practice and in-house application guidelines and standards;
  • Provide training to IGES staff on content management to ensure easy data update and website maintenance;
  • Produce documentation of all codes and manuals/guidelines to be handed over to IGES.
  • The above-mentioned functions and responsibilities may be realigned according to IGES’s requirements.



  • Quality design of project website with ASEAN, JAIF and IGES branding requirements and within specified deadlines;
  • The website presents itself as an accessible portal to informative/digestible DRR project. It fully provides solutions for the optimization and enhancement of new platforms and web applications in terms of modern looking design, user-friendly interface, and functionality.
  • Produce a user manual/guideline and provide training for IGES staff on overall web content upload/update and basic backup/restore plan.
  • Handover of developed materials, manuals and full source code to IGES Office.



The time required is estimated at 60 work days within the period indicated. The consultant/company will be engaged under a retainer contract, which facilitates direct engagement of the consultant/company depending on need and availability within the contract period for the pre-agreed fee from the date of signing the contract.   



All sorts of information pertaining to this project (documentary, audio, digital, cyber, materials, etc.) belonging to the client, which the service provider may come into contact with in the performance of his/her duties under this consultancy shall remain the property of the IGES who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever form without written permission of the IGES.



  • Technical expertise in web programming, webs design and software development, with a proven track record of 5 years of relevant experience;
  • Knowledge of graphic design, responsive design and cross-browser web development;
  • Strong practical background in graphic design, including the use of design software such as Adobe Design Premium, In-Design, CorelDraw, web design tools such as Dream Weaver and Flash, etc.;
  • Proven experience of graphic production, 3-dimensional illustration, creative graphics/infographics and creation of logo is an advantage.
  • Education background in Information Technology, Computer Science or related fields;
  • Understanding of how to create a robust, attractive and accessible website with a multi-functional and user-friendly interface;
  • Working experience in development or humanitarian environment is desirable;
  • Good level of communication skills in English and Thai.


Interested applicants are requested to send their submissions including CV, work portfolio and samples of the design work/previous developed websites and financial proposal to Cheewarat Kaewsangkwan, by 16th August 2019, .

Contact :

กราฟิก / Computer Graphic


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