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Project Consultant


Organization : ECPAT International
Type : Nonprofits / องค์กรไม่แสวงหาผลกำไร
Date : 13 Aug 2019
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Deadline : 2 / September / 2019

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Request for Expression of Interest

Project Consultant

Project: A Global Initiative to Explore the Sexual Exploitation of Boys –

The Thailand Report


Organisational Background Information

ECPAT International is a global network of organisations working together for the elimination of the sexual exploitation of children (SEC) in all its manifestations i.e. exploitation of children in prostitution, online child sexual exploitation, sale and trafficking of children for sexual purposes, sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism and some forms of child, early and forced marriage. The ECPAT Network currently consists of 109 members working as independent organisations or coalitions at national and local levels in 96 countries.


The ECPAT International Secretariat coordinates the global work of the organisation and is based in Bangkok, Thailand. The Secretariat designs and implements global and regional level programmes, and undertakes programming, advocacy and research to facilitate a range of Network initiatives.


Project Background

There is a notable gap in global understanding of how sexual exploitation affects boys. “When countries do collect prevalence data on child sexual abuse or exploitation, it is usually limited to adolescent girls…prevalence data for boys is even more scarce.” Yet in the limited relevant research where boys are the focus, the evidence has suggested that in certain contexts, boys are just as heavily impacted by sexual exploitation as girls, and sometimes more. By no means detracting attention to continued research and support for girl victims of sexual exploitation, there is a clear need to advocate for more, and quality, evidence about the sexual exploitation of boys. In late 2018, ECPAT International began work on a global initiative to convene and coordinate a multi-stakeholder global initiative to explore the sexual exploitation of boys over the next three years. The initiative will consolidate and strengthen the evidence base of the sexual exploitation of boys globally, and to identify appropriate prevention, protection and recovery frameworks to inform legislative reforms, policy and programming.


Thailand is where ECPAT International began work in the 1990s. At that time, the country struggled with the issue of sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. Things have come a long way since that time, and while the problem certainly persists, Thailand has at times been at the forefront of actions to prevent and respond to sexual exploitation of children.


Acknowledging that boys are vastly underrepresented in research on sexual exploitation of children, the Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ) is funding and partnering in work to explore this issue in the country as part of the Global Boys Initiative.


Project Description

The project funding will be used to pilot three activities, with the scope to scale these further. Evidence gathered will inform further promotion of the boys’ initiative through advocacy as well as inform effective and efficient support services for boy victims of sexual exploitation.


  1. Legislative Analysis: Analysis of the capacity of Thai national legislation to protect boys from child sexual abuse and exploitation to inform legal advocacy. In partnership with Thailand Institute of Justice, a legal expert based in Bangkok will lead the legislative analysis with monitoring and administrative support from the Project Consultant.


  1. Frontline Providers Survey: Develop and pilot a survey of 100 frontline workers providing sexual exploitation and GBV services to establish promising practices accessible to clients of all genders.


  1. Pilot study with children and youth of diverse SOGIE (LGBT): Undertake primary research in two locations (Bangkok and Chiang Mai) to explore the barriers encountered by 20 children and youth with diverse SOGIE accessing support services for sexual exploitation. An Expert Consultant will design the methodology and train peer interviewers. The Project Consultant will provide support in planning, organizing and monitoring the activity.


Position Objectives

The objective of the Project Consultant is to support the implementation of the three activities listed above. The Project Consultant will work closely with the Head of Research and Policy and Expert Consultant, and liaise with the Thailand Institute of Justice. They will also establish and manage relationships with relevant grassroots organisations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


  1. Support the administrative aspects of the project (including two consultation meetings in collaboration with TIJ and project reporting)
  2. Oversee design and contextualisation of the frontline providers survey, including identifying sample and training Thai administrators
  3. Support the Expert Consultant in aspects of the pilot study with children and youth of diverse SOGIE.




Due Dates

Project administration

  • Support the partnership with TIJ
  • Coordinate inception meeting
  • Coordinate validation meeting
  • Support ethics approval process

8 days


Sep 2019

Jun 2020

Oct 2019

Activity 1: Legislative Analysis and Admin tasks

A legal expert will lead the Legislative Analysis while the Project Consultant will:

  • Support the partnership with TIJ, serving as the focal point in communications and reporting.

2 days




Activity 2: Frontline Providers Survey

The Project Consultant will:

  • Develop the frontline providers survey (activity 2), adapted from recent work ECPAT International did with Pacific frontline workers
  • Identify the potential sample of organisations in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, reach out to them to invite participation
  • Identify and train 2-3 Thai administrators
  • Manage data collection for 100 respondents
  • Analyse data and draft report for the Frontline Providers Survey.

25 days



Oct 2019



Dec 2019



Dec 2019

Feb 2020

June 2020

Activity 3: Pilot study with children and youth of diverse SOGIE

The Expert Consultant will lead the pilot survey and the Project Consultant will:

  • Support the Expert Consultant in adapting tools from previous study
  • Support the informal advisory group with planning and administrative tasks
  • Liaise with potential SOGIE/LGBT focused organisations to find partners for the interviews
  • Support training of 2-6 peer interviewers with administrative tasks
  • Support the Expert Consultant with data collection
  • Support the Expert Consultant with academic analysis, providing perspectives in the Thai context

15 days





Oct 2019




Dec 2019


Dec 2019


Feb 2020

Jun 2020



Required Competencies/Qualifications

The successful candidate will meet the following criteria:


Core Competencies

  • Strong project management and multitasking skills;
  • Demonstrated excellence in managing a variety of partnerships;
  • Ability to work autonomously;
  • Demonstrated commitment to ECPAT’s mission and values.


Technical Competencies

  • Track record conducting high quality quantitative and qualitative research, preferably in related area;
  • Experience with donor reporting requirements;
  • Experience managing multiple and varied stakeholder relationships, including with SOGI focused organisations;
  • Experience in developing and undertaking advocacy, preferably in related area;
  • Demonstrated project management skills;
  • Fluency in English and Thai language.


Qualifications & Experience

  • At least Masters qualification in research or development related field;
  • At least two years of professional work experience in development project management, research, and/or child protection;
  • Record of publications, peerreviewed and informal.



The Consultancy will be for a period of approximately 50 days during 11 months – as dictated by the project. Work will be completed by the end of June 2020.


Management and Reporting Arrangements

The Project Consultant will be responsible for the overall project support. Throughout the project, the Project Consultant will report to the ECPAT Head of Research and Policy. ECPAT International and the Thailand Institute of Justice will mobilise and generate support from various national level government and civil society actors as needed. The Project Consultant will also provide additional support to the Expert Consultant and in carrying out the project activities.


Additional Information

  • All discussions and documents relating to this Terms of Reference will be treated as confidential by the parties
  • The Project Consultant is expected to act at all times in a manner consistent with the values of ECPAT International and in compliance with the organisation’s policies and procedures including Child Safeguarding Policy and the Staff Code of Conduct.
  • Adherence to ECPAT International policies and procedures is required, including signing and abiding by the Staff Code of Conduct.
  • The successful applicant will be required to have in place insurance arrangements appropriate to provision of the requirement in this Expression of Interest.


Expression of interest

Interested candidates are requested to send in their CV and a cover letter indicating an expected daily fee (in USD).


Submission of expression of interest by email to: Please mention in the subject line: TIJ - Project Consultant.


Deadline: 2 September 2019


ECPAT International is committed to keeping children safe. The selection process reflects our commitment to the safeguarding of children. The process may include requests for criminal/ police records.

Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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