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Malaria Technical Assistance in Thailand: Consultancy

Malaria Technical Assistance in Thailand: Consultancy

Organization : Research Triangle Institute-Inform Asia: USAID's Health Research Program

Position: Malaria Technical Assistance in Thailand: Consultancy

Level of effort: As soon as possible to December 31, 2020. 60 Days

Purpose of Assignment: Provide technical assistance to the Division of Vector-Borne Disease (DVBD) to address information technology (IT) needs to support strengthening its malaria information system (MIS).

Assignments: RTI International is implementing Inform Asia: United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) Health Research Program. The goal is to support malaria elimination in Thailand by 2024 and in Lao PDR by 2030 through the following three intermediate results (IRs):

  • Strengthen the malaria surveillance system in Thailand and Lao PDR
  • Evaluate strategies and tools for implementation and scale-up for malaria elimination
  • Strengthen the capacity of the national malaria programs to generate, analyze, and use strategic information.

RTI will hire a local consultant to address  IT challenges in Thailand’s MIS, leveraging his/her existing relationships with DVBD and partners and his/her knowledge of health information systems in Thailand.

First, the consultant will manage the migration of the MIS, comprising five data modules and two platforms, to a new Department of Disease Control (DDC) server in the IT system environment. The consultant will coordinate all parties and potential vendors required for a successful migration. The consultant will also coach the IT-DDC systems point persons on details of the MIS hardware, network, and configurations, in addition to expectations for maintenance and backup. The consultant will coach the IT-DDC team of programmers on details about the MIS software, including the geographic information system (GIS) and Business Intelligence platforms. The consultant will also strive to ensure that the IT-DDC has the necessary knowledge, reference materials, and contact information to lead this work. Once the physical migration is complete (anticipated in Y5 Q3), Inform Asia will develop a roadmap for expected future MIS improvements to ensure sustained security of and accessibility to MIS data as the DVBD approaches elimination.

The consultant will also troubleshoot IT challenges with integrating malaria data from multiple data sources. The consultant will assess the fuzzy logic program that integrates MIS and R506 data and address DVBD’s remaining requests for integration troubleshooting, in addition to assessing the feasibility of also integrating HDC data. The consultant will confirm and improve data integration, in collaboration with Inform Asia’s COP and Monitoring & Surveillance Officer, to ensure that all malaria cases are captured in the MIS with limited errors or duplication.

Finally, the consultant will provide extra support to improve the iDES data and dashboard by (1) supporting the development of a National Reference Laboratory database to standardize data entry and management, (2) creating a verified matching process between MIS clinical data and laboratory data, and (3) improving visualizations in the iDES dashboard.

Specific work and deliverables:

  • Attend kick-off meeting with Inform Asia’s COP and Monitoring & Surveillance Officer to finalize implementation plan with Gantt Chart. Attend a mid-term meeting with COP to adjust Gantt Chart as needed.
  • Manage migration of the MIS and develop sustainability roadmap; troubleshoot integration of malaria data and implement IT solutions; and create new iDES data and visualization that meet epidemiological needs.
  • Meet with Inform Asia’s COP and Monitoring & Surveillance Officer to gather epidemiological guidance to inform each IT task
  • Participate in weekly check-ins with the COP
  • Inform the COP of any obstacle to implementation or challenges in achieving any of the deliverables so that the COP and consultant can work together to overcome
  • Coach DVBD and IT-DDC staff in hardware and software (by sharing knowledge, answering questions, and providing reference materials) to ensure MIS sustainability and sense of ownership.
  • Write narrative progress updates to support quarterly program reporting and other ad hoc reporting requests, as required.

In collaboration with staff from DVBD, RTI, Inform Asia, and technical partner organizations (WHO and BIOPHICS), support the development and publication of technical articles and presentations on malaria elimination work in Thailand.

Expected Deliverables and LOE


Required verification for payment

Manage the manage the migration of the MIS (maximum 30 days LOE)

Implementation plan with Gantt chart showing IT tasks, benchmarks, and timeline for implementation


Implementation Plan submitted to and approved by COP

Fully migrated MIS to DDC server


DVBD and COP satisfied with migration

Collection of MIS reference materials


Materials submitted to and approved by COP

Roadmap for MIS sustainability


Roadmap submitted to and approved by COP

Integrating malaria data from multiple data sources (maximum 25 days LOE)

Mapping of case data sources, quality, and completeness showing linkages in MIS, R506, and HDC data


Mapping submitted to and approved by COP

  • Progress report 1


Report submitted to and approved by COP

  • Progress report 2


Report submitted to and approved by COP

Improve the iDES data and dashboard (maximum 5 days LOE)

Improved iDES dashboard


DVBD and COP satisfied with dashboard

Plan for merging epidemiological data with laboratory data for comprehensive iDES analyses


Plan submitted to and approved by COP

National Reference Laboratory database for malaria data used in iDES analyses


DVBD and COP satisfied with database

For interest candidates, please submit your CV, expectation rate, and a letter of interest on MS word file (not less than 600 words).

Contact :

ไอที / ITที่ปรึกษา / Consultantผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinatorนักพัฒนาโครงการ / Creative content developerเจ้าหน้าที่ประจำสำนักงาน / Officerผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project manager


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