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Organization : มูลนิธิรักษ์ไทย : A member of CARE International.


Role Purpose:

The role takes lead for overall procurement of goods, services and inventory management for Raks Thai in accordance with donors’ requirements and Raks Thai policies.  It is to ensure that all activities follow appropriate procedures and policy guidelines. Working alongside the procurement officer, the incumbent is responsible to liaise with suppliers during the entire procurement process; invitiation to tender, communication during bids preparations, announcing tender results, conducting negotiation, preparing contracts, coordination of goods delivery, finaly payment and final evaluation of the cooperation.



Key Accountabilities:

  • Faciliate formulation of the annual procurement; provide guidance on the procurement issues, enhance planning for the procurement of goods and services with program management team.
  • Maintain the vendor database to keep track of suppliers’ pricing, goods information, their performances.  Identify potential suppliers and build up approved supplier list.
  • Establish relationship with suppliers, keep abreast of what are available from the market and the needs of program, field operations.
  • Review, update, establish standardized contract terms for the procurement of various goods / services.
  • Coordinate all purchases with key internal stakeholders in order to clearly understand the planned purchases in their scope, good specifications, type of delivery and timeframe for distributions.
  • Maintain Annual Procurement Plan, and update the table regularly with program managers.
  • Track and evaluate vendor performance and improvement related to pricing, contractual terms, scope of services.
  • Review all contracts to ensure quality standards are met, prior to submitting for review and approval.
  • Ensure smooth stock management during receiving items from suppliers before and after receiving items.
  • Plan, conduct, manager informal and formal inventory checks at warehouse, project offices.  This includes producing inventory check report and to ensure follow-up actions are taken place.
  • Set up / maintain a system for centralized management of all contracts including service contracts and product contracts.
  • Coach, supervise Procurement officers to ensure standard guidelines are met with the highest level of integrity.
  • Develop, execute contractual agreements with suppliers / vendors through positive relationship with supplier network, effective negotiations and management of contracts.
  • Ensure transparent selection of suppliers by equal treatment of all potential suppliers, enlarging current scope of suppliers on going basis. 
  • Craft negotiation strategies and close deals with optimal terms.
  • Track and report key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness.

Person Specifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any related fields.
  • Proven experience as procurement manager, NGO environment is preferable.
  • Good organizing, planning, analyzing, problem solving skills.
  • Demonstrate proficiency with forecasting and material requirement planning tools and inventory tracking.
  • In-depth knowledge of preparing and reviewing contracts, invoicing, negotiating terms.
  • Good communication skills; effectively interact with suppliers, donors, and staff with diverse backgrounds.
  • Experience in working with vendor management software.
  • Able to gather and analyze data, work with figures.
  • Solid judgement along with decision making skills.
  • High level of integrity and keep confidentiality.

Benefit package:

- Social security                                 - Life & Health Insurance (+Dental allowance)

- Provident Fund                               - 13th Month salary

- 11 days+ Annual Leave                 - Salary increment  ( performance based rate )

- Learning & Development              - Work: Mon-Fri from 8.00 – 17.00 or 9:0018:00+ Flexi hour

- Etc.        

Please send your CV to



Contact : / 063 642 6587 , 02 014 7322 ต่อ 103 สำนักงานกรุงเทพฯ 185 ซ.ประดิพัทธ์ 6 ถนนประดิพัทธ์ ใกล้ BTS อารีย์ , สะพานควาย (ลง BTS อารีย์ สามารถเดินทางเข้าซอยพหลโยธิน 11 ได้) รถเมล์ที่ผ่านหน้าซ.ประดิพัทธ์ 6 สาย 52,524,97,3,117,90

บัญชี / Accountantการเงิน / Financier


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