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Consultant to conduct an evaluation of the Chumchon Harapan project over its nine years of implementation

Kenan Foundation Asia (Kenan) is a leading not-for-profit development organization headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand that conducts a wide range of economic and social development activities in Southeast Asia (see Kenan is seeking a short term consultant to conduct an evaluation on the USAID Chumchon Harapan project that is focused on bringing peace to communities in the Deep South of Thailand by building trust through youth-led community projects.


Project Overview

Kenan has been working since 2012 in the Deep South, implementing a project that develops youth leadership to implement activities designed to build trust and improve relationships in their communities. Youth-led community activities serve as connectors to bring together members of different religious communities who have a mutual interest in supporting youth development. The process fosters dialogue about shared community development objectives. This constructive, positive engagement leads to increased trust and empathy, which over time creates a foundation on which members of different groups can openly address grievances through civic discourse. Over the nine years of project activities, Kenan has worked in eighteen schools across Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat provinces, in close collaboration with local universities. 


Position Overview:

Kenan seeks a consultant to conduct an evaluation of the Chumchon Harapan project over its nine years of implementation. The study is designed to assess whether and in what ways the project has been successful in building youth capacity to serve as a community connector, increasing the involvement of key stakeholders, and engaging women, to contribute to improving relationships within the community, and increasing the participation of people in communities to mitigate conflict. The study will highlight positive success stories from the project, and provide lessons learned on applying a youth-led model to promote social cohesion among communities. The evaluation should identify project outcomes that have not been captured by the project’s monitoring and evaluation plan. The study will also assess whether and how activities are continuing independent of current USAID funding, and provide recommendations for increasing ownership and sustained implementation of the model through relevant local institutions.


Scope of Work and Timeline

Kenan anticipates a total of 60 days required for conducting fieldwork and writing the evaluation report.

  1. Conduct interviews with key stakeholders in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat. List of interviewees to be agreed in discussion with Kenan project team
  2. Develop draft report for Kenan’s review
  3. Edit the first review and submit the second draft to Kenan
  4. Edit based on feedback from Kenan on second draft and submit the final report to Kenan



1 report containing the following:

  1. The introduction, background, purpose  
  • Introduction of Deep South conflict with updated situation in the region
  • Chumchon Harapan project
  • Evaluation purpose  


  1. Methodology  
  • Approach to evaluate Chumchon Harapan aligned with the project’s goal and approach
  • Evaluation process  


  1. Findings   
  • Project outcomes and impact   
  • Lessons learned  


  1. Recommendations 


  1. Annexes
  • Stories of change: two stories of change
  • 5 case studies demonstrating the model adopted by the project


Required Qualifications

  1. Professional experience on conducting project evaluations
  2. Preference to those with academic and community development experience. Implementation experience in the Deep South context will be appreciated
  3. Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines
  4. Excellent written skills in Thai, English language skills preferred


Budget plan

The consultant will be paid based on daily rate agreed with Kenan. Consultant will receive per diem based and reimbursement of local transportation expenses on Kenan’s travel policy for travel in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat as required to conduct fieldwork. If required, Kenan will directly pay for consultant flights and accommodation in accordance with Kenan’s travel policy. 



Consultant will be paid in three installments as followings;

          1. First installment of 30 percent when the agreement is signed.
          2. Second installment of 40 percent when the report draft is accepted.
          3. Third installment of 30 percent when the final report is accepted.


Reporting lines

The consultant shall report directly to Ms. Sofia Jeana, Deputy Chief of Party, Kenan Foundation Asia.


Interested candidates are invited to send their CV, proposed consultancy timeline to complete deliverables, samples of recent similar assignments, quotation to conduct the consultancy, consultant rate history to by 30 June 2021. Please contact Chonticha on for specific questions regarding this consultancy announcement.

Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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