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Creative Agency for ELPR Campaign

Creative Agency for ELPR Campaign

Topic: (1) Ending physical and humiliating punishment and (2) promoting male-caregiver participation in Southern Thailand (Narathiwat province), among Deep South caregivers of children aged 0–6.

1.          OVERVIEW

Save the Children is seeking a creative agency to help launch our campaign, (1) to design a social behaviour change communication (SBCC) strategy, to drive attitude change towards misconceptions in early caregiving among caregivers; and (2) to roll out the implementation of the campaign activities in 2021.

The campaign will be addressing two issues in early caregiving (children aged 0–6):

  • To end the use of physical and humiliating punishment (PHP) or corporal punishment, and promote the replacement of this harmful practice with the use of positive discipline (PD).
  • To increase male participation in early caregiving.

2.          Eat Play Love Read (EPLR) Campaign

Save the Children aims to give every child, no matter where they live, the best start in life through our Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) programmes. Our programme in Si Sakhon district (Narathiwat province, Southern Thailand), Eat Play Love Read, has sought to improve ECCD through a combination of parent education sessions (PES) and the development and distribution of quality, age-appropriate, Patani-Malay children’s books and home-learning materials.

This upcoming campaign is an important part of the programme’s initiative to reach a wider group of audience to promote ECCD, as well as tackle two issues that affects childhood development. We identified that there are gaps that the project seeks to address, both in relation to the limited role of men as caregivers for young children and in relation to the use of physical and humiliating punishment, which is an accepted practice for many in the Deep South. 

The project has conducted a market research on the first year to help inform creative agencies on how we can take the campaign forward strategically, as well as campaign report of the past two years under the campaign name ‘Rak Loog Hai Buag’. Through this public local campaign, our aim is to deliver the following objectives below.

Campaign Objectives:

(1)         To increase awareness, understanding, and ultimately practice of positive discipline in early caregiving, and reduce the use of physical and humiliating punishment in home settings among primary caregivers in targeted districts in Narathiwat, Southern Thailand.

(2)         To increase support for and engagement of male caregivers in early caregiving in targeted districts in Narathiwat, Southern Thailand. How can the campaign redefine fatherhood and challenge traditional beliefs on the limited roles and responsibilities of fathers, while empowering them to take on a more active role as caregivers to their children?

3.          Priority Target Audience group

Deep South male/female caregivers (aged 20–40) of children aged 0–6, residing in Si Sakhon district and Rueso district (Narathiwat province, Southern Thailand).

4.          The ‘mood’ of campaign

This campaign is positive, fierce and empowering.

On positive discipline – The campaign should make it clear that positive discipline is vital to the growth and development of their children. It should raise the profile of positive discipline as a solution rather than highlighting the negative impacts of physical and humiliating punishment (corporal punishment), and should not blame and shame parents.

On male-caregiver participation – The campaign should aim to create a new environment where male-caregiving is supported and celebrated, and encourage fathers to be more involved and active in early care-giving.

5.          SCOPE OF WORK – Campaign Creative Output

The key outputs will include: (1) a social behaviour change communication (SBCC) campaign strategy, presented in PDF format as well as Microsoft word (.doc) or PowerPoint format (.ppt); and (2) the implementation of the campaign plan and activities in 2021, along with impact/evaluation report.

Up to three revisions of the outputs may be required before final approval by Save the Children.

Summary of Outputs:

Output 1;

Detailed Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) Campaign Strategy (PDF, and .doc/.ppt) The agency will deliver a detailed SBCC campaign strategy. This will need to, at least, include:

Scope of Work:

  1. Strategic campaigning activities on ‘Rak Loog Hai Buag’ campaign, including:
    1. Integrated online and offline engagement activities that fits to COVID-19 situation, including video campaign
    2. Creates a tangible call for action for the target audience to demonstrates their support for positive discipline and/or male-caregiver participation
  2. Implementation/roll-out plan and timeline
  3. Budget breakdown
  4. Indicators and measures of success

Output 2;

Implementation of campaign plan and activities in 2021 and report.

Scope of Work:

The agency will;

  1.  implement the campaign plan and activities in 2021 as indicated in the approved Social Behaviour Change Campaign Strategy (Output 1); as well as
  2. Impact Report – post campaign, detailing the outcomes and indicators of the campaign, and measuring the impact, success and reach.
  3. High quality photo-stocks to use for report and communication materials, as well as video assets/footage

6.          REPORTING

The consultant will report to the Campaigns, Communications and Media Coordinator and the EPLR Programme Coordinator.


The duration of this assignment will begin first day of signing contract (possibly in July), and ends at 31st October 2021.

8.          COMPETENCIES

It is expected that the competency of the contracted consulting agency should meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in working with creative concepts, advertisement and campaigns
  • Good understanding of issues related to social development
  • Experience in conducting similar assignment in Thailand (for corporate or non-profit)
  • Thai and English language proficiency
  • Ability to work in the Deep South of Thailand (Narathiwat province) and
  • Ability to work within strict deadlines.

9.          Application and Selection Process

Applications should be addressed to Save the Children via email:

Not later than 14 July 2021. 

Please include:

  1. Expression of interest
  2. Company profile and portfolio
  3. Quotation with the profession fee/rate of each activity
  4. Additional documents include: Office register; Scan of ID card; Bank details; and ภพ20.

Please indicate in the subject as “Application for selection process: Creative Agency for ELPR Campaign” 

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

The notified creative agency will come in/phone in for a creative briefing (with a chance to ask key questions) and initially submit a proposal with three creative pitches for the campaign.

During the selection phase, we will choose the selected agency for the contract to produce the full creative concept and lead in the implementation of the campaign.

Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultantนักพัฒนาโครงการ / Creative content developerกราฟิก / Computer Graphicนักกิจกรรม / Activist


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