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Consultant to Evaluate Connectivity at Sea Pilot

Consultant to Evaluate Connectivity at Sea Pilot


Type of Contract: Fixed price contract

Duration of Contract: July – August 2021 (part-time capacity)

Date of Issuance: June 15, 2021

Closing Date: June 30 2021, 11.59 hrs. Bangkok time

Budget ceiling: THB 240,000


Winrock International is currently seeking proposals from qualified firms and/or individual consultants to assess and evaluate its on-going connectivity-at-sea pilot.




With the shared intention to drive positive change and support sustainable and ethical practices within the seafood and fishing industry, USAID Asia CTIP and Thailand CTIP projects (USAID CTIP projects), led by Winrock International, developed a shared-value partnership with a Mars Petcare  to reduce vulnerability to trafficking in persons (TIP).


One of the primary partnership activities includes piloting an affordable 2-way communication-at-sea technology to improve worker welfare on fishing vessels. Without reliable and affordable connectivity options, crews on vessels at sea typically have no way to communicate with people on shore. If they experience any issues during their fishing trips, they cannot report these situations or ask for help from authorities or their families. To address this issue, the USAID CTIP projects and Mars Petcare have implemented a communication-at-sea technology solution among 20 pilot vessels in the southern part of Thailand. The pilot is supported by a fishermen response center, which can respond to worker grievances via messages from the connectivity-at-sea pilot. 



Winrock International is looking for a consultant to assess the on-going connectivity-at-sea pilot with the objectives to:

  • Evaluate the extent to which this communication technology helps to reduce seafood workers’ vulnerability to human trafficking and exploitation; and
  • Provide recommendations on the development of a sustainable business model for this technology.



The evaluation consultant will evaluate the pilot based on a combination of primary and secondary research. The consultant will be provided with the pilot information, summary of technology options, details of the technology used in the pilot, and user statistics and feedback to date. In addition to the information provided, the consultant is expected to conduct their own primary research which will include a desk research and approximately 12-15 key informant interviews (KIIs) with the current pilot users (such as boat captains and owners of different vessel types and Burmese workers) and representatives from the technology providers. Please note that there are different vessel types (purse seine and trawlers) participating in the pilot. Types of vessel can impact users’ perspectives on the usefulness of the technology.


Based on the information provided and collected, the consultant will provide a written report (in English) which includes the following content:


  1. Brief overview of the pilot and its technology
  • Pilot information (objectives, location, information on participating vessels and users, vessel types, messaging statistics)
  • Summary of the technology including key distinctions/capabilities of the technology and cost, especially in comparison to other types of technologies such as satellite, cellular, and radio. This assessment has already been conducted, and the consultant would be expected to provide a summary.
  • Overview of technology providers (Etneca and Nauticomm)
  1. Evaluation on the extent to which this technology helps to reduce seafood workers’ vulnerability to human trafficking and exploitation
  • Direct benefits to workers on vessels
  • Indirect benefits to workers on vessels (e.g. via captain’s access)
  • User feedback and areas for improvement
  1. Recommendations on the development of a sustainable business model
  • A business case for this technology (business benefits to vessel owners/captains versus cost/price)
  • Options for data plan models for boat owners and fishermen (e.g. monthly subscription, topup plans)
  • Feedback from technology providers and their future business strategy
  • Commercial viability of the model
  1. Conclusion
  • Recommendations on how to scaleup (e.g. adoption by more vessels and workers in Thailand) from November 2021 to August 2022







Tentative Due date 


Submission of work plan – based on consultation with Winrock on the evaluation approach, methodology, and expected outputs of the activity

Within 5 working days after signing a consultant agreement


Submission of draft written report (per above outline) and presentation of findings to Winrock team for comments and feedback

August 15, 2021


Submission of the final report which has been revised based on Winrock’s comments of the draft report

September 15, 2021


Payment and Payment Schedule

Payment will be made upon timely submission of satisfactory deliverables per agreed work plan, and approval of the contractor’s supervisor. The payment will be made in 3 tranches after all the deliverables have been met.

The payment schedule is subject to negotiation between Winrock and selected Consultant.

The proposed payment schedule for the review is as follows:

  • 20 % upon approval of workplan
  • 30 % upon Winrock’s approval of Draft report
  • 50% upon final approval of the submitted final report



The consultant should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Demonstrated experience conducting technology and/or human rights assessments and proposing recommendations/solutions to inform future approaches and activities for projects;
  • Experience working with seafood workers and/or vessel owners in Thailand;
  • Knowledge of internet technology (such as satellite, telecommunications, radio) and/or knowledge of technologies used on fishing vessels or in the fishing industry in Thailand;
  • Strong research and analytical skills with a proven ability to produce concise, focused, and clear reports;
  • Proven ability to work independently to produce highquality deliverables under tight deadlines;
  • Advanced degree in a relevant field or a combination of bachelor’s degree with minimum 2 years of work experience;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills in Thai. Respectful and professional, particularly when working with diverse cultures and populations, and on sensitive topics; and
  • Proficiency in written English.


Proposal Submission

Interested firms and individual consultants should submit technical proposals as separate files. All documents related to this assignment should be in English and submitted in .PDF format. Proposals must be submitted electronically, with all pieces of the proposal labeled clearly. The maximum length for the proposal, both technical and cost portions together, is 15 pages (not including annexes), single spaced, Time New Roman Font 11.


The technical proposal should include the following components:  

  1. Cover page.
  2. CV or organizational profile & institutional capacity. The applicant must present in narrative format a description of:
  • Company/individual profile (supplemental material can be placed in an annex);
  • Organizational/individual capacity to conduct the scope of work, as well as relevant experience (include 13 examples of English reports from similar studies/assignments in the annex);
  • CVs for all proposed team members (included as an annex); and
  • Names and contact information for three references who can provide evidence of the candidate’s experience performing similar tasks on related assignments.
  1. Technical proposal. The applicant should describe in the technical proposal their approach and methodology for conducting the tasks listed above. A detailed workplan including activities, timeframes, staffing, and resources should be included in the technical portion of the proposal.
  • In the approach and methodology section, the applicant should also propose an alternative (remote) plan in case domestic travel is not possible due to COVID19 situation;
  1. Timeline: Include an illustrative Gantt (or similar) chart that outlines activities and sub-tasks, responsible parties, and a timeline for completion.
  2. Quotation



To Apply

  • Contact: Please submit your proposal and/or relevant questions to:
  • Transmittal email subject must state: “Pilot Evaluation Consultant for Winrock International”
  • Closing date for applications: 11:59 pm Bangkok time, on June 30, 2021.



Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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