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Home-Based Data Entry Consultant


Home-Based Data Entry Consultant

  1. Project Background

Plan International (Plan) is implementing a four-year project, Fostering Accountability in Recruitment for Fishery Workers (FAIR Fish), to reduce forced labor and human trafficking (FL/HT) in the recruitment of women and men in the seafood processing sector in Thailand to support the Department of Labor (DOL) Bureau of International Labor Affairs’ (ILAB) Office of Child Labor, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking (OCFT).
The project is now compiling the contact information of a wide range of stakeholders, such as
private sector companies, recruitment agencies, trade associations, professional service providers, social auditors, and consultants. The compiled information will feed into the creation of the comprehensive database, which will be used for the private sector engagement activity to promote the FAIR Fish responsible recruitment model.

  1. Task Requirements

The qualified consultant is required to perform the following tasks in late
August-September 2021.

  1. Enter the contact information of stakeholders stored in relevant documents, such as MS Word/Excel files, and websites, into the database in MS Excel spreadsheet. The template of the database and sources of the data will be provided to the consultant by Plan International. It is estimated that
    the database will contain approximately the contact information of approximately 600-800 stakeholders in English or Thai languages. The contact information for each stakeholder covers name, position, entity name, type of entity, number of employees, mailing address, e-mail, telephone number, and fax number and Facebook page (if any).

  2. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of the entries in the database before submission to Plan International, and revise the entries in case of entry data error

  3. Ensure that there are no duplicate entries of the stakeholder contact information in the database in the Excel file


  1. Deliverables

2.1 Submission of the complete and accurate database in the MS Excel file to
Plan International



  1. Qualifications and Experience

3.1 Professional proficiency in Thai and English languages

3.2 Proficient typing in Thai and English languages

3.3 Have a workable knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel

Note: the short-listed candidates will be required to remotely undergo a typing test.

  1. Payment and Payment Schedule


  • The total amount of the consultant fees will be paid upon the satisfactory completion of the deliverable as previously specified in item no. 2.

  • The fees will be paid according to the actual number of stakeholders in
    the database.

  • The fees are subject to the deduction of the 3% withholding tax.


  1. How to apply


Please submit CV and a budget proposal (Thai baht per each stakeholder’s contact information) to by August 15, 2021


Please note that Plan International is committed to ensuring that the rights and personal information of those participating in data collection or analysis are respected and protected, in accordance with Ethical MERL Framework and our Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy. You will be required to sign that you have read and understood Plan’s policies in this regard as part of the contract process should you be a successful candidate. The consultant will keep all information in the deliverable confidential, and will not disclose any part of the deliverable to the third party.


I hereby confirm that all Plan research, evaluation and ethical standards have been met. In addition, any required approvals from IH have been obtained and required data submitted to IH as per policy.


Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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