Our Voices Our Choices (OVOC) Project Contents Creation Consultant

: Plan International Thailand
: 11 May 2023
12 / July / 2023

Plan International Thailand

Terms of Reference

for Our Voices Our Choices (OVOC) Project

Contents Creation Consultant


I. Introduction

Our Voices Our Choices: Women and Youth for Democratic Civic Space (OVOC) Project, funded by the European Commission (EC), the OVOC project will be implemented for 30 months from 1st January 2022 through 30th June 2024 in 3 countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, together with regional outreach with Plan’s Asia Pacific regional team (APAC)). The OVOC Project is a partnership between Plan International (Plan) and four Co-applicant CSOs: Article 19, the Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO), Phayao Youth News Agency (PYNA), and Thailand Youth Institute (TYI). 

The OVOC project has seen the importance of inclusive civic space which plays a central role in our actions as the OVOC project aims to address the needs and constraints of youth and women in all their diversity including Dalits, LGBTIQ+, persons with disabilities and other excluded groups, as they are often overlooked, suppressed and underestimated, and are not taking part in decision making.

The overall objective of the Project is: to support and empower civil society in protecting and promoting democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms worldwide. This is to ensure that young people and especially women and girls in target communities in Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand (also the broader Asian region) enjoy fundamental human rights and are actively engaged in improving their lives and communities through inclusive, effective, pluralistic and representative civic participation with a focus on inclusive civic space.


Specific Objectives/Outcomes:

Specific Objective 1: to enhance civic action through co-creation of a multi-country resource hub that facilitates the enlargement of civic, democratic and civil society space.

Specific Objective 2: to support and capacitate youth/women-led CSOs to participate as rights holders in national/regional/global-level efforts to reclaim and protect civic space and civic engagement.

Specific Objective 3: to hold duty bearers, especially policymakers in Asia, accountable for their responsibilities towards protecting civic space.


Target groups in Three OVOC countries

The Action directly targets both rights holders and duty bearers in each of the countries of intervention (Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand). The key right holders of the action are 13,498 youth aged 15-29, 605 journalists, 14 national media platforms, 220 human rights defenders (HRDs), and 461 youth/women-led CSOs, 1 National Youth Commission, 1 Dalit Commission and 1 National Women Commissions residing in Bangladesh, Nepal and Thailand. Also included are 44 duty bearers consisting of 8 ministries, 16 ward offices, 21 municipalities /local authorities and 3 National Human Rights Commissions across the three countries and 1 parliamentary caucus. These groups are elaborated per country as below. 

Target Group




Youth (aged 15-29) 

9,950 (4,475 female)

1,440 (720 female)

2,108 (1,093 female)

Youth/Women led CSOs 








Duty Bearers


  • 1 Parliamentary caucus 
  • 3 Ministries (Information, Women & Children and Youth and Sports) 


  • 16 Ward Offices 
  • 4 Municipal  Authorities 
  • 2 Ministries (Women/ Children/ Senior citizen.  Youth and Sports) 


  • 17 Local Authorities 
  • 1 Ministry (Department of Children and Youth)  

Human Rights Defenders 

(not included above) 






  • 14 Community /national media 
  • 1National Human Rights Commission 
  • 1National Human Rights Commission 
  • 1 National Women Commission 
  • 1 Dalit Commission 
  • 1 National Youth Commission 
  • 1 National Human Rights Commission 


At the regional level, Plan International Asia Pacific Regional Hub (APAC) will engage regional civil society organizations and bodies focusing on human rights, children and young people’s rights, and gender equality will also be engaged for policy changes and intergenerational dialogues, among others. This includes but not limited to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, the ASEAN Committee on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children, Southeast National Human Rights Institutions Forum (SEANF), and South Asian Association on Regional Cooperation.


II. Objective of the TOR

The OVOC Thailand is looking for a professional public relations agency (s) or freelance to support the OVOC team in designing online youth-friendly communication content, provide media outreach, social mobilization and advocacy to ensure impactful media coverage. The agency will design a youth-friendly communication (content, photo, infographic and or video clips) and implement 12 months (starting from July 2023 – June 2024) Media Relations and Social Media Outreach activities.


III. Tasks

The Consultant will be contracted to support the OVOC team in developing a media outreach strategy and conduct online social mobilization activities which include:

  1. Create and promote a youth-friendly communications (content, photos, infographic and or video clips) and Social Media Outreach activities of the following activities:
      1. International Youth Day (13 August 2023, Bangkok)
      2. Campaign for hub website launching as a civic space for youth and women (Online contents)
      3. Regional CSOs Networking (September 2023, online contents)
      4. Arts for Communication (September 2023 (TBC), Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Yala)
      5. International Day of the Girl Child (11 October 2023, online contents)
      6. International Human Rights Day (10 December 2023, Bangkok)
      7. International Children’s Day (13 January 2024, Chiang Rai)
      8. International Women’s Day (8 March 2024, Yala)
      9. Art for Human Rights Event (tentative: 6-8 April 2024, Bangkok)

Suggested way of working:

- Engage with youth/women-led groups during events or for the development of other medias from flex funding youth recipients/CSO groups through mainstream media channels.

  1. Create a campaign/ social mobilization through an online activities to advocate for change in Human Rights and civic space which enhance the collective action among project target groups in three OVOC countries and Plan Asia Region.

Suggested way of working:

-The consultant will collaboratively work with the Plan International and partner organizations and project target groups in three OVOC countries and APAC office.

-Identify the key issue to be campaigned for and advocated.

  1. Upon request by the OVOC Thailand, the consultant will post/repost/boost up the contents  developed to reach the wider audiences in the social media channels and report the results within 15 days and 30 days after the action.


Overall Expected results: Communications & campaigns and events can reach wider indirect beneficiaries (children, youth, parents, professors, teachers, community members, etc) of at least 50,000 people during the contract period.    


IV. Deliverables/outputs and Schedule

The consultant will submit the following as outputs

Timeframe: July 2023 –June 2024




  1. Inception Report


A comprehensive Communication Strategy

and Action Plan.


This document will at least;

-Incorporate goalsand communication & activities, campaigns and event link to International activities as described under section III

- Include publishing plan; e.g. when and where to pitch and press release,, and manage media requests, etc.

2 weeks after signing of the contract

  1. Posting contents based on    Task III.

(By writing contents (Thai-English), infographic, and/ or  5 minutes video clips in Thai  with English sub-titled

Channel: Use existing OVOC channels and the consultant should identify the other effective influencing channels


- Hub platform

- Facebook Plan International Thailand

- OVOC Thailand by PYNA

- Other effective influencing channels  (kindly proposed)

Activity basis

  1. Social Media progress updates and analysis

A consultant will track the number of views/re-post of each article/campaign/ message and report the results within 15 days after the specific activity is completed.

Topic to be tracked:

  • The total number of social media posts
  • The growth in followers and likes, mentions and people reached
  • The number of ‘click-through’, meaning how many visitors follow a call to action (CTA)
  • The number of people that sign up/follow i.e. the OVOC Thailand Facebook Page, Tik Tok, Youtube


In case the number of views/re-post is lower than the target set, the consultant will boost up the contents to reach the wider audiences

Monthly basis

  1. Collaboratively created OVOC advocacy campaign (social mobilization)

The consultant must track and report number of the views/re-post of or events on a quarterly basis.

Quarterly basis

  1. Final Report on Consultancy

This should show the activities undertaken, successes, challenges, results (planned and unplanned), lessons learnt and recommendations on how to address those lessons.

15 days after the end of the contract


V. Supervision and Support

The consultant will work closely with the Project Manager-OVOC Thailand and will work together with the hub coordinator team, our implementing partners, and Artist CSOs


VI. Child and Young People Safeguarding Policy

The firm/organization/individual shall comply with the Code of Conduct and Child and Young People Safeguarding of Plan International. Any violation/deviation is in complying with Plan International Child and Young People Safeguarding policy will result in termination of the agreement. Orientation on relevant policy will be arranged for the selected consultant(s), and the consultant(s) have to sign the Acknowledge form of the relevant policy.


VII. Qualifications

The applicant should have the following qualifications:

  • Understand the needs, media platforms and communication styles of young people
  • Direct experiences in communication related to human rights, civil rights and gender and social inclusion lens in working with children, youth and women in diverse groups is preferable
  • Capability and proven experience in developing and executing Media Relations and Social Media Outreach Strategies
  • Capability and proven experience crafting messages in various formats (press releases, success stories, blog entries, tweets, etc.) targeting a variety of audiences
  • Excellent written, oral and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent knowledge of social media platforms
  • Thai literacy- written and speaking skill, while well communication in English is a must.


VIII. How to apply?

We invite interested consultants to submit the following application documents: 

  • The technical proposal describes the expression of interest outlining how the consultant meets the selection criteria and their understanding of the TOR and framework.   The conceptual framework planned for undertaking this assignment.  It must contain your design of an appropriate contents format at each international event  and work plan to reach the direct beneficiaries of at least 5,000 people with timelines
  • Review and analyze how the ToR relevant contents have been articulated on the existing online platforms to effectively reach their target audiences. (This analysis should be included in the technical proposal)
  • A budget proposal detailing itemized fees, data collection methods, transportation & accommodation, and administrative costs 
  • Portfolio with examples of the Consultant’s work
  • Examples of social posts, and stories that have been recently developed for different social media
  • References

Interested applicants should submit the following documents to thailand.procurement@plan-international.org and referencing “Consultancy to Contents Creation (OVOC Project)”.

The application deadline is July 12  2023 (17.00 hrs, Bangkok Time).

Contact : thailand.procurement@plan-international.org


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