Digital Marketing and Community Manager

: Yunus Thailand (YT)
: 19 Sep 2023
19 / October / 2023

Digital Marketing and Community Manager (Start Date Immediately / As Soon as Possible)


About Yunus Thailand

Yunus Thailand (YT) works as a driving force for social business in Thailand, empowering entrepreneurs to solve the world’s most pressing challenges. YT was co-founded by Muhammad Yunus, winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his contributions in the fight against poverty and inequality. Through his work pioneering modern microfinance and launching the social business movement, it is estimated that Professor Yunus has lifted more than 50 million people out of poverty, and the microfinance and social business concepts he established with Grameen Bank have been replicated in nearly every country in the world. As a key organization within the global Yunus Social Business Network, YT is the coordinating mechanism and national touchpoint connecting Thailand with the world’s largest social business family. YT’s vision is a world of three zeros: zero net- carbon emissions, zero poverty, and zero unemployment through entrepreneurship.


Job Description

At the core of YT’s mission to drive meaningful social and environmental impact, we seek a voice as an online Community Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist to amplify the stories of our work and the communities we touch. Most importantly, we want our organization to be as useful as possible, with our social media and online presence being a knowledge, resource and inspiration hub. As our Digital Marketing & Community Manager, you'll sync with the heartbeat of our team to (i) design and roll out compelling digital marketing campaigns that are useful to our community, positioning Yunus Thailand as a social business thought leader, (ii) refine and shape our online presence, ensuring our social platforms echo our impact work, (iii) foster and grow our online community, and converting digital interactions into real-world opportunities to help us grow our work, (iv) provide graphic design and  content creation support for Yunus Thailand’s projects/initiatives and knowledge products. Join our dynamic and rapidly expanding team with opportunities for growth that will enrich your marketing journey as an impact storyteller, and have a real impact strengthening the social business sector and Yunus Thailand’s impact work. 


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Social Media Management
    • Account Management: overseeing and maintaining social media channels (organic and paid) for both Yunus Thailand’s organizational presence as well as project specific accounts. Platforms include but not limited to:
      • Facebook
      • Instagram
      • LinkedIn
    • Strategy Development: analyze current social media presence and performance, develop a comprehensive social media strategy and workflow aligned with existing company goals and objectives.
    • Scheduling and Publishing: utilize 3rd party scheduling platform tools like, but not limited to:
      • Hootsuite
      • Buffer
      • Sprout Social

Ensure posting frequency and consistency with the ability to adapt content across social platforms.

    • Community Management: monitor comments, messages, and mentions responding and engaging in a timely manner. Foster a positive community environment and manage any negative feedback appropriately.
    • Collaboration: work closely with the team to integrate social media into broader campaigns and project/organizational developments. Utilize the project's team members to compile stories from our communities’ using quotes, imagery, and storytelling to share about our beneficiaries. Identify influencers and other organizational opportunities to enhance and amplify our online presence, manage relationships and brand champions.
    • Monitoring and Analytics: use analytics tools to track social engagement and performance, generate regular reports showcasing growth and other KPIs.
    • Trend Awareness: stay up to date with industry trends and best practices, incorporating when opportunistic, while also staying aware of potential work opportunities to grow YT’s projects.
    • Paid Advertising: set up, A/B test, launch, and optimize Meta paid ad campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager. Familiarity with the Google Ads Suite is a plus. Monitor deliverability and performance, understanding basic ad metrics to optimize paid campaigns efficiently.


  • Digital Content Creation
    • Multimedia: design and produce visually engaging content including, but not limited to:
      • Images
      • Graphics
      • Advertisement creatives
      • GIFs
      • Infographics
      • Video reels & stories
      • Channel specific copywriting
      • Curating relevant 3rd party content
    • Content Maintenance: periodically review and update the content library ensuring easy access to all creative assets for the team in Google Drive.
    • Design Software: develop and edit photos, videos, and graphics, incorporating defined brand guidelines using design software tools such as but not limited to:
      • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, etc.)
      • Canva


  • Email Marketing:
    • Copywriting “Storytelling”: design and craft engaging email content, including writing compelling copy, selecting appropriate creatives and layouts. Develop a monthly newsletter.
    • Strategic Planning: synchronize social media content output and scheduling with email campaigns to ensure full community engagement across all YT online channels.
    • Campaign Execution: set up, test, launch, and optimize email campaigns using marketing automation tools/email marketing platforms like, but not limited to, Mailchimp. Monitor deliverability and performance, understanding the different deliverability aspects of the most popular email clients (Gmail, Yahoo, Outreach, etc.)
    • A/B Testing: regularly test various email elements (subject lines, body content, design, CTAs) to determine the most effective strategies.
    • Email List Generation: grow the email account through various email capture strategies across marketing channels. Build targeted email lists that can serve highly targeted email campaigns to the most appropriate audience.


  • Media Relations:
    •  Relationship Building and Management: nurture existing media relationships held by YT, while also cultivating new key media relationships to expand our media network.
    • Media Pitching: proactively reach out to and pitch story ideas to relevant news outlets. Respond to media inquiries, arranging interviews, and providing necessary information promptly.
    • Media Monitoring: while seeking business opportunities for YT, also track media coverage around industry news and trends to share internally with the team that could impact our work.
    • Event Coordination: coordinate with event organizers for press media, coverage, and event presence ensuring YT with the most visibility possible.


Work Culture

More important than experience, Yunus Thailand is looking for the right character to join the YT

family. Here are some of the principles we follow which give a good idea of the work culture we

practice and therefore the people we are looking for:

  • PURPOSE: More than a job, we are on a common mission to create meaningful impact and make a difference.
  • EQUALITY: Non-hierarchy, some people have more experience than others, but everyone has ideas and are equal in the organization to share them. Sometimes less experience means new perspectives.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL: Proactive and creative, we are constantly finding ways to provide value to those who we work with, whether that is social, environmental, or economic value to communities, clients, or partners. We also recognize we need to bring value to YT to sustain and then grow our impact.
  • SOLIDARITY: We strive to create an environment where all our team members are supported not only in their professional growth, but also in overcoming personal challenges. We are there for each other through struggles or successes, and the strength of our organization lies in this solidarity.
  • INNOVATION: We’re not looking to do the same old things better; we want to challenge the status quo and do new things in new ways.
  • EMPOWERING: Learning and career development is an internal social mission, where members of YT should be supported to go on to do great things.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field with 3 years minimum of work experience in Digital Marketing, Communications, and Media Relations. For example, but not limited to:
    • Experience as a social media community manager, developing communication strategies, planning and scheduling efficient workflows, creating content and managing content across multiple platforms.
    • Comfortable creating content in multimedia formats using content creation tools, preferably Adobe Suite.
    • Led or had experience working on a team managing paid ad campaigns and the ability to understand basic performance metrics.
    • Led or had experience working on a team managing mass email campaigns from newsletters to promotional campaigns, with a good understanding how to list build.
  • Proficiency in Adobe Suite preferred
  • Familiarity with the Meta platform and Facebook Ads Manager
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics is a plus
  • Extremely social media savvy and up to date with modern trends
  • Fluency in Thai and English are required
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Comfortable working as part of a team as well as operating independently in the implementation of specific tasks, multitasking and prioritizing
  • Ability to learn on the fly in a fast-moving environment
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Demonstrated interest and knowledge in Entrepreneurship and/or Social and Environmental Impact Development
  • Genuinely passionate about making a difference in the world


Please note that Yunus Thailand will not be able to provide a visa and work permit for this position.

Interested candidates are requested to in send in their CV and a cover letter or address any inquiries to pathit@yunus-thailand.org 

Contact : pathit@yunus-thailand.org 


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