IMPACT: Migrant Learning Center (MLC) Financial sustainability Consultant

: Save the Children International
: 26 Oct 2016
2 / November / 2016

Save the Children International is looking for IMPACT: Migrant Learning Center (MLC) Financial sustainability Consultant

JOB TITLE:  IMPACT: Migrant Learning Center (MLC) Financial sustainability Consultant

TEAM/PROGRAMME: IMPACT Project                LOCATION: Thailand

IMPACT: Migrant Learning Center (MLC) Financial sustainability Consultant


  1. Background

 Migrant and Refugee Children

 There are an estimated 3.5 million migrants in Thailand, primarily from Myanmar, Cambodia and the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Children in Thailand, especially migrant and refugee children, are vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, neglect, hazardous labor, and trafficking. Migrant children also often lack access to basic services   including education, healthcare and legal assistance. Save the Children works with vulnerable children including those on the move, engaging with hazardous labor, caught in conflict, as well as the stateless and undocumented children.

We help identify the most vulnerable children who are abused, exploited and neglected, providing adequate response in order to change their environment. Save the Children also works with the government to ensure that there is a standard of care that complies with international standards for children without appropriate care.

In terms of education, although there is an increasing number of migrant children are accessing formal education, particularly in Thai public schools, there are over 200,000 migrant children out of school in Thailand, a crisis for these children. Thailand has had policies supporting Education for All (EFA) for many years, but the lack of guidance and awareness in the implementation of the regulations means that many migrant children remain excluded. A proportion of children are attending community-run learning centers. According to our previous research approximately 61% of migrant children are out of school, 34% attend formal schools in Thailand, and 5% rely on Migrant Learning Centers.

There are three main types of learning centers: 1) those that prepare children for education in Thai schools or private schools, 2) Learning centers that provide Thai and Myanmar non-formal education and provide certificates of education, and 3) migrant managed centers – these centers do not have legal status and are not registered or established as private schools in the Thai education system.

In previous years migrant schools along the Thai-Myanmar border were funded by donors and INGOs from the United States, Canada, and Italy; but in 2014 many of these organizations reduced or stopped funding the schools in Thailand. The Burmese Migrant Workers’ Education Committee attributes this change to donors shifting their funding to education initiatives in Myanmar. The result of this change has left numerous migrant learning centers situated on the Thai side of the border in dire straits.  Nineteen out of 95 migrant learning centers in Mae Sot are at risk of closing down and their teachers have been teaching without compensation since early 2013 – the closure of these centers would impact approximately 5,500 children.

Reliance on some external funding will likely always be required to ensure migrant children have access to education on the Thai-Myanmar border. However, decreasing dependency on donors and INGOs by increasing the financial self-sufficiency of migrant schools is critical. Exploring solutions to empower migrant communities along the border and boost the capacity of migrant schools to financially sustain themselves is the overarching goal. One potential solution is to explore the viability of income-generating livelihood focused activities. There may also be other ways to achieve the goal and the project will review and identify the most effective approach to promoting financial sustainability.


  1. Project Overview

 Objectives of IMPACT Program


The Improving Migrant Protection and Assistance for Children in Thailand (IMPACT) project has been and continues to develop local child protection mechanisms that are relevant to government policy framework, and integrate these into existing child protection systems so migrant children can live within an effective protection system and have access to effective care, education and health services.  The specific objectives of the project include 1: Strengthen child protection mechanisms to effectively support and protect children who are on the move, primarily Burmese (80%) and Cambodian (20%) children, 2: Strengthen and promote effective, appropriate and innovative programs for delivering basic services including education, preventing risky movement and responding to issues faced by migrant children, 3: Raise awareness of local child protection mechanisms with the vision of integrating them into regional (ASEAN and Mekong) and national policy frameworks.


  1. Purpose and scope of this consultancy:

 This consultancy falls under the objective of promoting access to education services and specifically looks at the challenge of closure of MLCs in Mae Sot due to financial gaps.  The consultancy is called for as there is a need to develop and implement a model to enhance the financial sustainability and self-sufficiency of migrant learning centers in Mae Sot. The overarching goal is to enhance the financial sustainability of participating Migrant Learning Centre’s and have a workable model that may contribute toward addressing the current funding gaps


  1. Deliverables 
  1. Detailed work plan and budget proposal include estimate seed fund for MLC(s)
  2. Monitoring and evaluation plan to capture results linking with the over-arching goal
  3. Internal evaluation and stakeholder map of at least 5 MLCs
  4. Design phase consultations and desk review of secondary sources
  5. Mapping and feasibility study of potential financial sustainability approaches
  6. Market mapping exercise for MLCs to explore the viability of possible proposed Income Generating Activities (IGA)
  7. Guidance document detailing methodology, feasibility testing, and process for selection of the pilot MLC and participatory process to create the self-sustaining model
  8. Tool kit for planning and implementing a financial sustainability and business plan for MLCs
  9. Training sessions for partners CBOs and MLC on toolkit
  10. Participatory planning to implement pilot financial sustainability and business plan with at least one MLC
  11. Support and follow-up to the implementation of financial sustainability and business plan for at least one MLC
  12. Monthly one-page progress updates during the development
  13. Reporting of joint implementation with MLC and community actors
  14. Financial reports on MLC seed funding, expenditure and income of MLCs
  15. Report on the key finding of the pilot
  16. Presentation for policy makers, community leaders, and other practitioners that includes key findings, learning, and any recommendations for other MLC facing a similar challenge
  17. Training session with other interested MLCs on financial sustainability toolkit

 All materials collected in the undertaking of the consultancy process should be lodged with SC and IMPACT project team focal point prior to the termination of the contract. 


  1. Timeframe & Scope

The consultant will be required to dedicate their time to this consultancy work during October 2016 – June 2017, subject to the requirements and agreements with Save the Children.


  1. Qualifications and profile
  • Bachelor or Master degree in a relevant area (e.g Economics, Livelihood, Finance, etc.)
  • Proven experience working with schools and communities, preferably related to action planning, income generation, aquaponics, agriculture, handicrafts, fair trade etc.
  • Business or Marketing background
  • From Mae Sot or with strong understanding of this context
  • Keen interest in self-sustaining MLC’s or micro-finance
  • Reputation of professional conduct


  1. Management
  • The chosen consultant will report directly to the Project Coordinator, with guidance and support from Save the Children technical specialists and the Mae Sot team


  1. Consultancy Fee
  • The financial competitiveness of the fee will be considered in the selection process.
  • Costs involved in the consultancy, such as materials and travel in accord to the detailed work plan and budget proposal, will be covered by Save the Children.


  1. Name of Partner Involved
  • Help without Frontiers (HWF)


  1. Submissions for the consultancy

The submission must address the terms of reference and include:

  • Name and contact details of the candidate
  • The resume of the candidate
  • A cover letter explaining the candidate’s interest and suitability
  • A detailed fee in AUD – inclusive of daily fee for the consultancy and estimated seed fund requirement for at least one (1) MLC


  1. Close date for submissions:

Applicant should submit their interest by 2 November 2016. Submissions should be addressed to: jaem.prachoommark@savethechildren.org

 “We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.”



[1] Assessing potential changes in the migration patterns of Myanmar migrants and their impacts on Thailand. The International Organization for Migration and The Asian Research Center for Migration, Chulalongkorn University, 2014

[2] http://karennews.org/2014/08/migrant-schools-struggle-to-keep-going-as-international-funders-pull-out.html/


Contact : jaem.prachoommark@savethechildren.org


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