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Senior Nurse-Midwife Trainer-Advisor to the province of Sekong, Lao PDR.

Vacancy Announcement


The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) has been operational in the Lao PDR since 1988. In partnership with the Lao Red Cross (LRC), and the Ministry of Health (MOH), the SRC is mainly working in the health sector in the field of general public health, social health protection and basic health care.


The SRC is going to continue the project phase 2 called: “Contribution to the Universal Health Coverage in the Lao PDR” from November, 1st 2017 to October, 31st 2020 in support and partnership with the Ministry Of Health, the SRC builds on the achievements of the past project. In line with the government objectives and in support to the Ministry of Health, The key focus of the project has been to support the country in achieving Universal Health Coverage, through 1) strengthening of health systems management; 2) supporting implementation and expansion social health protection and 3) improving service delivery of Maternal Newborn and Child Health services (MNCH) / Primary health care (PHC) in Sekong Province.


The SRC in Laos is seeking professional candidates for 1 position of:


Senior Nurse-Midwife Trainer-Advisor to the province of Sekong, Lao PDR.


The position is a Technical Assistance position with the overall aim of improving the MNCH services, in selected HFs in Sekong Province. The Senior Nurse/Midwife TA applies at service delivery, thus district hospital and health centre levels, all in direct contact with the concerned government health staff, and at the provincial and district MCH Office, including contacts with training institution in Pakse. At DH and HC level the Senior Nurse/Midwife is also in direct contact with beneficiaries, their relatives and with the representatives of the communities.


The main objectives are the strengthening of MNCH care work organization/systems and the capacitating of Community Midwives and associated staff members in Sekong province, with a strong focus on remote districts especially Dakchung and Kalum district.


The position requires:

  • Sound decision-making skills
  • Leadership and mentorship skills
  • Capacity to create and sustain a conducive learning environment
  • Capacity to promote and maintain good work communication with the project team, with officials and with partners
  • Professionalism and humanism with patients and relatives
  • Capacity to work independently
  • Concern for effective and efficient use of resources
  • Willingness to travel frequently and to work in remote places
  • Capacity to work extra hours when needed;         1. The objectives of the missionThe mission aims at improving the practice and quality of MNCH services at selected HFs in in the province of SekongThe objectives are
  • Within the component on strengthening of Access, availability and quality of MNCH services in Sekong with focus on remote districts, the project intends to complement the current support though the demand-side HEF and Free MNCH schemes with the provision of full-time Nurse-Midwife trainers/advisors, in order to improve the quality of nursing care in the public health facilities of Sekong.
  • The new phase of SRC support called “Contribution towards Universal Health Care in Lao PDR” running from July 2014 to June 2017 includes three main axes of interventions with a strong focus on Sekong: Social Health Protection; Access, availability and quality of MNCH services and Health management systems.
  • However, the quality of services provided is still of limited in health facilities. On one side, the MNCH program is improving the quality of service assisted by JICA, HSIP-AF, UNICEF, UNFPA and others. Besides, based on past experiences in other provinces, the SRC also sees a good complementarity of academic training and training outside facilities with medium/long-term on-the job training.
  • In the past five years, around 160,000 consultations, 13,000 admissions, 3,500 deliveries and 500 surgeries have been provided to members and financed by the schemes for a value exceeding 6 billion Kips (US$1,2million). This is a high increase compared to the past and for most a much higher utilization than the national average for the general population (poor and non-poor).  
  • In the province of Sekong, more than half of the population are eligible to free services through the HEF or Free MNCH (42% poor including 6% pregnant women & children under five, and another 13% of non-poor pregnant women and children under 5).
  • Since 2009, the Ministry of Health, within the Health Services Improvement Project (HSIP followed by HSIP AF) has contracted the Swiss Red Cross - Lao Red Cross (SRC-LRC) to implement the Health Equity Funds in 9 districts of the South including the whole province of Sekong. From December 2012, the assignment also includes the administration of Free Maternity in the whole province of Sekong and from January 2013, the administration of Free Maternity and Free services for U5 children in the 9 districts. Funding comes from MOH/HSIP AF and SRC.
  • Background
  • to contribute to improving the organization of MNCH and nursing care in the HFs in collaboration with the DHO counterparts, Head of Maternal and Child Health Departments PH/DH and HF staff


  • assist in the implementation of midwifery nursing standards and guidelines for use in the provincial ,or district hospitals and HCs and follow-up their implementation. This includes to provide training to the local CMws and other health staff in order to uplift the desired standard of practice in the HFs to bring it in line with national guidelines and acceptable international practices based on SRC CMw competency list. This will be achieved by teaching of nursing policies, procedures and practices, and by on-site coaching; follow-up teaching in specific nursing units as to practice of such policies and procedures; ensuring effectiveness of practice by mentoring DHO counterparts in coaching and on the job supervision, teach   senior staff at the HFs to supervise other staffs.


  • identify needs for equipment and supplies to effectively allow for quality of nursing care, and prepare procurement lists with specifications


  • to contribute to overall Quality of Care Improvement mechanisms, either in line with national programs, or on an ad-hoc basis, based on international or regional examples or initiatives. This includes monitoring of effective implementation of infection control and safety at work measures        With Provincial Health Authorities and health facilitiesThe Nurse-Midwife Trainer/Advisor will work directly together and mentor Counterparts who will be assigned by the DHOs.She will closely work withthe provincial/district MNCH unit, within the Technical Office of the Provincial/District Health Department.  


  • The incumbent will also liaise regularly with the relevant departments of Ministry of Health, SBA training program and other related training institutions in the country or abroad, and with other organizations or experts working in the province on nursing-midwifery care, such as the SFE, JICA, UNICEF, HSIP AF support. Formal operational collaboration and teamwork will be ensured with SFE and JICA field trainer/advisors posted in hospitals and Provincial/District Health offices.
  • The technical materials should be submitted and screened by the SRC Program Managerto ensure adequate Lao language translation and appropriateness with the Lao context.
  • Administrative ly she will report to the SRC Program Manager in Vientiane and SRC Country Coordinator.
  • Technically the Senior Nurse-Midwife Trainer/Advisor will be directly reporting to the SRC Health delegate based in Luang Prabang.
  • With Project Team
  • 3. Liaisons
  • Two Nurse-Midwife trainer/advisors positions are foreseen to ensure on-the-job coaching in target HFs. The time plan will be developed together with the SRC Health Delegate.
  • 2. Location



  1. Development Responsibilities and Tasks


General Tasks


Provide capacity building, teaching and further on-the-job training of midwives, nursing and hospital staff according to the clinical needs based on national guidelines and strategies, always together with Counterparts from DHO and in collaboration with the MNCH PHO unit, related nurse school and the Lao head nurses in-charge and in consultation with other support programs such as SFE, HSIP AF, JICA, etc.


The tasks mainly focus on upgrading obstetric and nursing care organization and the practices focusing on maternal and child care in selected units of the Provincial Hospital and at selected District Hospitals (DH) and at selected health centers of the supported province, especially obstetrical, pediatric and maternal care.


Primary Responsibilities and Tasks include:



Description of Responsibility field

Main tasks – (not exhaustive)



Contribute to improving the organization of MNCH and nursing care in the HFs in collaboration with the DHO counterparts, Maternal and Child Health Departments PH/DH and HF staff

·      Introduce integrated services in all HFs Advice & assist nurses of MCH department, LR, Postpartum unit, OPD,IPD to re-arrange the unit for effective and good quality patient care



Assist in the implementation of midwifery standards and guidelines for use in the provincial ,district hospitals and HCs and follow-up their implementation

·      Mentor and coach CMs and other staff according to CMw competency list based on national guidelines

·      Keep for each staff the CMw competency logbook updated

·      Identify training needs

·      Train the hospital staff on the job based on needs assessment

·      Organize in collaboration with PHO, DHO and HF   formal trainings

·      Ensure proper use of provided necessary materials received.

·      Adapt and coach introduction of guidelines and standards in health facilities Sekong.



Identify needs for equipment and supplies to effectively allow for quality of nursing care, and prepare procurement lists with specifications

·      Inall target health facilitties, identify needs of medical instruments, equipment, and other supplies, and propose the need to the project, distribute the items to HFsproper use of the items

·      Develop list of medical equipment, instruments, furniture, and other supplies for the HFs


Monitor effective implementation of infection control and safety at work measures

·      Introduce and train the hospital staff on standard precaution and aseptic techniques

·      Monitor standard precaution practice at the HFs together with counterparts in Sekong province.


Maternity waiting homes

·      Ensure the routine support from MCH of Sekong PH and Dakjung DH to MWH will be done (e.g: health education, hygiene, …)

·      Monitor the number of pregnant women and delivery

·      Follow up and certify the MWH ktis distribution

·      Support the logistic in MWH.



Administrative tasks:


Additionally, the Nurse Trainer-Adviser will accept to perform some administrative duties, including handling of petty cash, local procurement of supplies and equipment.


Work plans, budget plans and procurement plans should be validated by the Line Manager (SRC Health Delegate) and approved by the VientianeProject Manager in accordance with the SRC Financial Management Procedures.



The Employee will write a brief quarterly report on her/his activities to the SRC Health delegate in copy to Sekong and Vientiane office.


Specific duties involve:


  • Demonstrate sound decision-making skills, and assist others to make safe decisions;
  • Demonstrate leadership, mentoring and preceptor ship skills in a supportive learning environment;
  • Promote and maintain effective communications within the multi-disciplinary team (medical staff and nursing personnel) and with patients and their family members;
  • Collaborate/work closely with other SRC and LRC staff;
  • Ensure the effective and efficient use of resources, and where necessary deployment of staff;
  • Work extra hours if needed;
  • Adjust to and work within a multi-cultural environment.    
  • 5. Profile
  • All related curriculum and training handouts are subject to SRC Property during the contract period, and therefore should be submitted to the Project both in hard and soft copies
  • This list of tasks is not exhaustive and it is understood that at the end of an inception period of 3 months, a more specific list can be agreed upon between provincial stakeholders, at the initiative of the incumbent.
  • Registered Nurse/Midwife Practitioner with additional qualifications (Master Degree or Diploma in Public health)
  • A diploma/degree in nursing or midwifery from an accredited program, postgraduate qualifications in nursing preferred
  • Professional body registration and a valid nursing license to practice in home country
  • Additional midwifery qualifications and experience considered an asset
  • At least 8 years of nursing experience; including nursing management positions
  • Ability to work in remote area
  • Proven ability to guide teamwork and change processes
  • Familiarity with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the field of nursing
  • Previous experience in international development organizations
  • Fluency in Thai-Lao and good command in English languages (both written and spoken)
  • Previous work experience in Laos is an asset



  1. Starting Date and duration


March 2018. Three (2.5) years contract.

3-months probation period for the initial contract.


  1. Conditions proposed


  • Regional Expatriate Expert Contract, depending on acceptance by Lao Authorities
  • Attractive monthly gross salary
  • Monthly accommodation allowance
  • Transportation home to duty station 1x/yearLaptop computer (for use; to be returned at end of contract) Mr Bounlam SOUVANNASAB, Program ManagerTel/fax: +(856-21) 215 935, 215 672, Mobile: +(856-20) 22247989  
  • Closing Date: 31 January 2018 – Only short listed candidates will be notified.
  • Email:
  • Swiss Red Cross in Lao PDR, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR
  • Your CV must be in English together with the completed grid from below and send to:

Contact :


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