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Every Last Child (ELC) Campaign – Thailand

Every Last Child (ELC) Campaign – Thailand

Campaign Creative Brief

Topic: Education for All – Promoting access to education for the most excluded children in Thailand

Priority group: Thai Millennials, aged 17–35, living in Bangkok


Save the Children is seeking a creative agency to produce a costed creative concept and execution plan to promote Education for All (EFA) in Thailand, to attract and engage with Thai millennials living in Bangkok through interactive exhibition or a public stunt campaign.

The creative agency will initially propose three creative pitches for the campaign, where we will choose one for the agency to produce the full creative concept and implementation plan.

One of the three pitches will have to be an adaptation of the original campaign activity the “Immersive Migration Experience: A pop-up travelling exhibition and digital activism platform” (please refer to 2. Big Idea above). The other two pitches can be of any type of public stunts, public engagement activity, or events/exhibitions that will:

  • Generate high media coverage, 10 coverage in key news outlet on issue of migrant children
  • Engage 5–10 key influencers (social media influencers)
  • Create a mechanism that gives the target audience a tangible action that they can take to demonstrates their support for children out of education
  • Increased social media following and support by 10,000 on Facebook and Instagram
  • Secure 2,000 petitions signed
  • May also be phased over a period of 1–3 months, if recommended to be more effective.

Every Last Child Campaign

Save the Children has a global campaign “Every Last Child” (2016–2019) to ensure that 15 million of the world's most excluded children have access to life-saving healthcare and quality education – contributing towards progress on the 2030 sustainable goals that aim at preventing 600,000 child deaths and helping 50 million more children to learn from a quality education.

Excluded groups of children are those who are not benefitting from recent global progress in social well-being – particularly in health and learning – because of a toxic mix of poverty and discrimination. The discrimination they face can be deliberate or the result of neglect or oversight.

Save the Children’s Every Last Child campaign in Thailand is focused on improving access to education for poor Thai children and migrant children living in Thailand.

Campaign Objectives

  • Increase awareness of out-of-school children in Thailand and the importance of education for all.
  • Create dialogues and discussions on migrant children’s barriers to access education in the country, as a result of discrimination.
  • Encourage publics to proactively support Education for All by liking our social media, subscribing, petitioning and/or donating.
  • Raise overall public awareness and visibility of Save the Children in Thailand.

Background and Current context

The majority of migrant children in Thailand – an estimated 61% (or 225,000) – are still not in school despite the existing Education for All (EFA) policy. Much of the reason for limited enrolment is due to discrimination and social exclusion. When schools’ budgets limit enrolment, for example, school directors give Thai children priority.

Our research shows that Thai people see immigrants as low-skilled, illegal workers coming from less developed countries, which drives attitudes of indifference, neglect or animosity towards migrant populations particularly among urban communities.

Tackling these issues requires shifting public negative attitudes towards migrants through sustained awareness raising and allowing audiences to interact with migrant education issues and become actors of migrant children’s success through campaigning and financial contribution.

2. Big Idea – Campaign Plan 2018

We are planning to launch a public event this year, “Immersive Migration Experience: A pop-up travelling exhibition and digital activism platform”.

Our current concept and plan for the campaign this year is to engage and reach out to our target audience through:

  1. Exhibition: A ‘cool’, ‘young’, and interactive event, that “pops-up” and tours Bangkok for a duration of 1–3 months; and
  2. The Digital Activism Platform: An interactive digital platform that will function as a virtual hub where people can virtually visit the exhibition and/or join our campaign through petitioning, donating, or sharing contents.

This project will trigger understanding – through bridging the gap between communities and allow them to connect on common themes – empathy and action.


  • Thai millennials, aged 17–35, living in Bangkok
  • Thai parents, families of medium to low income, living in Bangkok

Urban Thai have the most negative perception of migrants. Among them, we found that millennials are the easiest to mobilize. They display a more optimistic attitude towards migrant’s right to access education, are active social media users and influencers, and can generate the most word-of-mouth.

We will capitalize on millennials’ potential to mobilize and use innovative, interactive and trendy media (pop-up container style exhibit, temporary art show, smartphone friendly fundraising and personalized online campaign) in line with Thai’s tech-savviness and good-heartedness, offering them an outlet to promote their engagement on social media.


Identifying The Most Effective Communication Point

From our market research, to effectively campaign for migrant children’s education, we learned that our campaign must not only communicate what migrant children will gain but a WIN-WIN situation for both parties, a message (incentive) that inspires the target audience to take immediate take action.

Messages that didn’t work.

Save the Children’s past campaign messaging did not communicate a win-win situation, and wasn’t effective in communicating to our target audience:

  1. Education is a basic human right.
  2. Target audience’s response to message:
  • Why do we need to be concerned about education for immigrants when not all Thai children get education?
  • It is the responsibility for immigrant parents to ensure that their children get proper education.
  1. Migrant workers contribute to the national economy rather than jeopardizing it.
  2. Target audience’s response to message:
  • Migrants will end up sending money back home anyways. In the end, they are just working for themselves.
  • By allowing migrants to work in Thailand, this limits job opportunities for locals.

5. The ‘mood’ of Campaign Creative

This campaign is positive, fierce and empowering, and focus on humanizing migrant children and bridging the gap between the Thai and migrant communities in Bangkok. The campaign should make it clear that all children, regardless of who they are and where they’re from, should enjoy their child rights, and access to education and health care, free from discrimination.

It should raise the profile of inclusive education rather than highlighting the injustice and vilify governments or general publics of their discrimination.

6. SCOPE OF WORK – Campaign Creative Output

The key outputs will include: (1) a detailed pitch deck of the selected creative concept, (2) a detailed costed implementation plan (see details below).

This output will be used to develop and implement the campaign activity based on the creative concept by December 2018, raise fund and create partnerships for the campaign.

Up to three revisions of the outputs may be required before final approval by Save the Children.

Summary of outputs:


Scope of Work

Initial proposal: Three creative pitches for a public stunt/engagement campaign.

The first three creative pitches will be presented to the Save the Children team, who will choose one creative concept/direction to build on.

Output 1: Detailed creative concept in a draft pitch deck and, Output 2: costed implementation plan presented to Save the Children.

The ad agency will deliver a detailed presentation of the chosen creative concept. This will need to include:

(1)     Detailed creative concept and a scale-down version (23,000 USD)

(2)     Implementation plan composed of:

a.        A detailed implementation timeline,

b.       Two versions of cost and budget breakdown (23,000 USD and 45,000 USD)

c.        An estimate of Human Resources required (or staff time),

d.       A list of potential partners,

e.       A list of potential suppliers,

f.         Suggested locations for the stunt/exhibition,

g.       A PR strategy (free, key media and social media) to go along with the stunt/exhibition

Output 3: Final creative concept/pitch deck, implementation plan and budget.

The ad agency will present the final version of the creative concept in a pitch deck, implementation plan and budget proposal.


The consultant will report to the Campaigns, Communications and Media Coordinator.


The duration of this assignment will be maximum 22 Working Days after having work order. Nevertheless, the expected period of performance begins as soon as possible and ends by 31 July 2018


It is expected that the competency of the contracted consulting agency should meet the following requirements:

  • Experience in working with creative concepts, advertisement and campaigns;
  • Good understanding of issues related to social development;
  • Experience in conducting similar assignment in Bangkok, Thailand (for corporate or non-profit);
  • Thai and English language proficiency; and
  • Ability to work within strict deadlines.

10. Application Process

Applications should be addressed to Save the Children via email:

Not later than 25th June.

Please include:

  1. Expression of interest
  2. Company profile and portfolio
  3. Quotation with the profession fee/rate of each activity
  4. Additional documents include: Office register; Scan of ID card; Bank details; and ภพ20.

Please indicate in the subject as “Application for selection process: Creative Agency for ELC Campaign”

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Contact :


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