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Finance Administration Assistant (FAA)

Job Description



POSITION TITLE:   Finance Administration Assistant (FAA)

DATE:  27 Jun 2017


GRADE: Support level

RESPONSIBLE TO:   Project Manager


STATUS (Full time, Part time, Temporary):  Full time






Project Summary

The GFATM RAI contributes to the elimination of malaria in Thailand, as well as preventing the emergence or spread of artemisinin resistance in new areas, to make as large as possible contribution to the elimination of Falciparum malaria from the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), and to prevent the emergence or spread of Artemisinin. This project is supported by the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria, via principal recipient UNOPS. Specific project deliverables have been established in ARC’s performance framework.  Goal, objectives, and activities are aligned with the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) Regional Artemisinin Initiative (RAI). 




The Finance Administration Assistant (FAA) works under the over-all supervision of the Provincial Coordinator and liaise with Finance Officer. The Finance Administration Assistant is responsible for maintaining every aspect of the office accounts and providing general administration /logistical support to the Provincial Coordinator. Responsible for providing assistance to all areas of Finance and ensures that office administration runs smoothly; able to submit reports on time and with good accuracy.



PRIMARY DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                                                                    % OF TIME

Accounting Duties

  1. Responsible for maintaining appropriate financial records of the project 

          transactions and keeping current the cash and general journal

  1. Reviews and processes cash advance requests, cash advance liquidations,

         whether related to travel, field activities, payment for services or purchase of

         goods or supplies

  1. Responsible for the payment of financial transactions incurred with hospitals,

         volunteers, field  staffs and ensures that proper documents are available

         before payment

  1. Submits monthly financial reports to sub central office in coordination with Provincial Coordinator 


Administrative/Logistic Duties

  1. Responsible for managing project owned property including maintenance of office facilities and service contracts.
  2. Maintain a good filing system for all program and project related documents. Maintain and report office and fixed asset registration
  3. Assist in the conduct of training and in the day-to-day detail activities/transactions such as encoding, correspondence, documentation and similar materials.
  4. Prepare purchase request for office and field activities and ensure that purchases are made according to ARC procurement policy; verify specifications of purchase order; look for quotation or contact vendors to obtain price and availability of information.
  5. Submit monthly administration and logistic reports (in required form) to SR Office.
  6. Perform other tasks assigned by Program Manager as requested.





























EDUCATION, TECHNICAL SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED (List the important technical and professional skills and knowledge required to do the job well.  Include years of experience required.)


  1. Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Business Administration or related field
  2. Knowledgeable of the best practices in accounting and bookkeeping system
  3. Minimum of 2 years working experience in similar capacity, preferably non-profit organization
  4. Proficiency in Microsoft office applications including MS Excel
  5. Strong organizational skills
  6. Able to speak, read, write and understand English
  7. Thai national



KEY BEHAVIORS & ABILITIES (List the key behaviors and abilities that relate to success on the job that are critical to achieving the position’s mission and goals.)

  1. Has ability to maintain good working relationship with other staffs in the organization
  2. Respects and recognizes organization policies at all times.
  3. Transparent, organized and responsible work style
  4. Ability to work as a team
  5. Ability to take initiative to accomplish program goals and objectives
  6. Detailed, flexible and ability to multi task
  7. Ability to function effectively as part of the multi-cultural team
  8. Good communication and writing skills
  9. Has dedication and loyalty to his/her organization as he/she is also representing the organization and is promoting the goals and mission of the organization


Contact :

การเงิน / Financier


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