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Program Coordinator - Rights for All

MAP Foundation Job Vacancy

Program Coordinator - Rights for All

MAP Foundation was established in 1996 to advocate for the rights and health of migrant workers from Burma. Now, MAP has four programs – Labour Rights for All, Rights for All, Community Health and Empowerment, and MAP Multimedia. The Rights for All program focuses primarily on women migrants and dependents including children and youth (

MAP Foundation is seeking a committed and energetic individual to coordinate our Rights for All Program in the Chiang Mai office. The coordinator will oversee a team implementing the following projects: Women’s and Youth Empowerment, and migrant children scholarships. The projects are based both in Chiang Mai and Maesot. The Program Coordinator will support staff and monitor activities according to project objectives and indicators, including oversight of budgets and workplans. The coordinator will also participate in advocacy activities at national and international levels with collaborating networks.

The Program Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • Lead a team of people based in Maesot and Chiang Mai
  • Prepare monthly workplans and budgets with staff
  • Support team activities, lead team monthly meetings to follow up on project progress and ensure quality of work
  • Support staff skills development
  • Prepare quarterly reports for funders project with team leaders; liaise with funders to submit reports
  • Provide input  on new proposals and budgets to  the organization’s Director
  • Take part in the management of the organization as a member of the Coordinating Committee in monthly meetings. This includes organizing staff retreats and capacity building workshops, etc.
  • Represent MAP Foundation in national and international networks to advocate for migrant workers’ rights

We are looking for a woman who:

  • Has solid understanding of women’s rights, community empowerment and is committed to promote migrants rights
  • Has solid interpersonal skills and is open to cultural diversity
  • Has good Burmese and English language skills (written and spoken), ability to speak Thai (every day conversation)
  • Has experience in project management and report writing
  • Is willing to work flexible hours when needed and can travel
  • This position can be based in Maesot


Salary starts at 18,000B plus consideration for experience.



If you would like to apply for the position, please send your CV with names and contact details of two referees, and a cover letter to with the subject heading: Rights for all Program coordinator. Please apply before 10th of March 2020. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinator


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