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Web and e-Learning Developer

Web and e-Learning Developer


Prevention was established by the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center (TRCARC) with the aim to conduct research on effective prevention of HIV/AIDS and related diseases and to develop efficient HIV/AIDS prevention and management strategies for key populations at national and international levels.


PREVENTION was first established as “Special Activity Group” in 2003 with the mission to conduct research on the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTC).  With expansion of its scope, the group was renamed “Prevention Unit” in 2014 to reflect its central role and key focus in HIV prevention research.


Role Overview: The Web Developer will initially focus on creating the look, layout, and features of a website, develop and maintain database for the project, and working with Program Officers and Communication team to develop e-learning curriculum and other related materials. The job involves understanding web-development, e-learning development, graphic design, database and computer programming. Once a website is created, he/she helps with maintenance and additions to the website. This position will also work with capacity building team for keeping the site up-to-date on information of HIV and related health services, designing and maintaining the e-learning training courses.


Core Accountability & Responsibility:

1. Assess and plan the system structure, develop code and design database for additional system in e-learning and web-site.

2. Work with PREVENTION IT team and Communication team to maintain and revise e-learning and the web site to make it always works effectively and attractively to users.

3. Create a robust web-based reporting system that will enable users to query databases and create custom reports from different systems, project website and internal web-based application systems.

4. Work with Program Officers and Communication team including content designer and graphic designer to plan, design and develop dynamic, interactive and user friendly multimedia training solutions and ensure training material accuracy and improvement.

5. Monitor and evaluate the learners’ feedback and interaction with the developed e-Learning courses and improve accordingly.

6. Evaluate the effectiveness of the virtual training curriculum.

7. Work with Program Officers to obtain related technical content for further update them into e-learning system.

8. Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


Qualifications and Experience

1. Thai citizen only

2. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or related fields.

3. 3-5 year's work experience as a web developer and e-learning

4. Web-based application, e-Learning development and implementing online training.

5. Strong analytical and problem solving ability in logically manner

6. Good team work with proactive and positive communication through all channels including verbal, written and body-language 



Please send your cover letter, CV and expected salary by email to If you need any further information, please contact us via e-mail or phone:
02 252 9958 or visit our website at Application Deadline: 16
February 2020 Only short-list candidates will be notified.


Contact :

ไอที / IT


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