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Consultant to support 50 Healthy Schools Project

Consultant to support 50 Healthy Schools Project


As an upper middle income country, Thailand has been experiencing the dual burden of under and over nutrition. Including a growth in a number of health and nutrition issues, usually associated with more developed countries. Over 70% of deaths are now from non-communicable diseases like heart attacks, cancer, respiratory diseases, and diabetes. This change is noticeable in the health and nutrition status of children and adolescents. Modern supermarkets and convenience stores now control about 50% or more of the food distribution and retailing system. This has led to an increasing availability of calorie dense foods, as well as foods higher in sugar, salt and oil than raw unprocessed foods. Poor diet and nutrition along with insufficient active play and physical activity has led to problems of obesity and other diet related diseases. Today, Thailand suffers from the second highest rate of obesity in Asia.

According to the World Food Programme (WFP), Thailand has successfully dropped child malnutrition from 36 per cent to approximately 8.42 per cent within 30 years. Thailand’s success stemmed from an in-depth look at growth rates, nutritional education, supplementation of iron and vitamins, as well as a focus on health coverage. However, according to the Thailand Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2015-16, undertaken by UNICEF, National Statistical Office and the National Health Security Office, it was found that 1 in 10 children in Thailand are severely or moderately stunted and 15.3 per cent of children aged 1-14 years are obese. Acute malnutrition is a serious public health concern and is known to permanently damage the cognitive development of children which decreases their overall Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan (2017-2021) also states that “Thai people are deemed to be more likely to be affected by non-communicable diseases and premature death as a result of inappropriate consumption behaviors and a lack of adequate physical activity.” Only 23.2 per cent of Thai children and youth aged 6 to 17 years met the Physical Activity guidelines of 60 minutes daily. In general, it was found that girls were less active than boys. There are numerous programs, both compulsory and voluntary, that the Royal Thai Government has initiated. However, there needs to be more support in terms of promoting nutrition knowledge among school staff, children and caretakers driving good habits around nutrition and physical activity. 

To promote positive nutritional practices and physical activity among children, caretakers and communities in Thailand, Cargill, a global corporation, and Save the Children have entered a partnership. The “50 Healthy Schools” project is being implemented in Saraburi, and Nakhon Rachasima Provinces. The project is active from September 2018 to February 2021, with a target reach of 5,000 children, aged 7 to 12 years old. Together, and in partnership with local schools and the government, we have promoted nutrition and physical activity, first in 12 existing Cargill-supported schools (6 in Saraburi, 6 in Nakhon Rachasima), so that they can be “model schools”, and then in 38 “cluster” schools in the vicinity of the existing schools. Our key objectives are to:

  1. Increase children’s knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) towards their nutrition and well-being;
  2. Increase in children’s daily physical activity.

 To achieve these objectives, the project will implement activities to:

  1. Improve opportunities for children to learn about nutrition -  through nutrition and wellness sessions and school wide nutrition promotion involving caretakers
  2. Improve opportunities for physical activity – through Active Play sessions and School-wide physical activity promotion
  3. Strengthen school systems to promote nutrition and physical activity – through school policies, and healthy canteens and kitchens

For more details, please request for the project’s concept note and log-frame, formative study report, and baseline study findings.  

Consultancy Description

  • Purpose of the consultancy

As the 50 Healthy Schools concludes the first academic year of activities in the first 12 schools and prepares for scaling up activities to 38 more schools over the second academic year (May 2020-Mar 2021), a long-term consultant for the project is required for the project to support activities over a 12-month period. 

The role of the consultant will be to provide technical support to Save the Children’s Thai team of the 50 Healthy Schools project in the materials finalization, evaluation, training and advocacy elements of the project. The consultant will work closely with both, the Thai Team, as well as Save the Children’s ex-country (international) Team on these elements of the project. Moreover, the consultant will leverage connections within Thailand’s ministry of health and education, and nutrition/ food industry circles, as needed, for each of these elements of the project.

  • Scope of the consultancy
  1. Midline Survey

The consultant will review the tools and methodology used for the baseline survey, and will make adjustments needed to the methodology and tools so that the midline allows for the following.

  • An end-of-year1 post-test assessment of 12 model schools
  • Pre-test assessment of 38 cluster schools

Further s/he will train the survey team and enumerators to collect the data. S/he will spot-check and clean the entered data, analyze and compare findings with the project baseline, and prepare and finalize the midline survey report. The methods the consultant applies shall comply with Save the Children’s ethical review committee guideline. These activities need to happen between Feb to April 2020, with data collection before the school year ends.

  1. Developing an Implementation Toolkit for Cluster & Model Schools

The consultant will review the existing materials available from the implementation of project activities in the Model Schools, and help finalize these materials to the Thai context and in the Thai language. Additionally, any materials that are missing from the current toolkit, s/he will develop in close coordination with the ex-country and in-country team. The list of materials for the implementation toolkit and their status is as follows. These materials need to be developed between February and April 2020:



Priority Status

  1. Nutrition Education Module and Materials

PPT Decks for training, detailed word document, pre-post test questions for sessions, videos, training materials, and IEC materials.

Very Important

  1. Structured Play Cards, Items, Video and Music

Video, Music, and some cards and items available

Very Important

  1. Nudge Guidelines and Catalogue

English and Thai version available

Very Important

  1. Training package for Cooks and School Vendors

Need to repackage materials for Nutrition Education for cooks and vendors (separately) with Ex-country and Thai Team

Very Important

  1. Guidelines for other healthy routines in schools – tooth brushing, handwashing, cleaning kitchen and toilet

To develop materials with ex-country Team, based on what is available in Thailand and overseas

Very Important

  1. Briefer on how to conduct a Nutrition Event

To develop with the Thai Team, and ex-country Team review

Nice to have

  1. Briefer on how to conduct a Sporting Event

To develop with the Thai Team, and ex-country Team review

Nice to have

  1. Guidelines and Catalogue for Infrastructure Improvements  in schools- play area, kitchen, toilet, handwashing

To develop with the Thai Team, and ex-country team review

Nice to have

  1. Training of Trainers on the Implementation Toolkit

Facilitate the refresher training of Save the Children trainers and first time training of the PESAO (Primary Education Service Area Office) and DHO staff at district level, and trainers at school-level to ensure the knowledge base of government staff to monitor the activities related to the nutrition and physical education of school age children. These trainings will take place before or at the start of each school semester, so anytime during March-May 2020 and September-November 2020.

  1. Endline Survey  

Similar to the midline survey the consultant will prepare the methodology, tools, and support the training of the survey team. S/he will also check and clean the enumerator-entered data and analyse and prepare the report for review and finalization.

The above activities, especially activities b, and c involve engaging stakeholders in government, civil society, and university, at both, local- and national-level. This will be to ensure that the products developed by the 50 Healthy Schools, draw from the knowledge, policies, and materials already existing in Thailand, and contribute to any areas that still need developing/ improving. Also, it is to ensure that this pilot project contributes to long-term priorities and plans of district and provincial schools and at national-level, so that activities are locally sustainable even after Cargill and Save the Children programming.

Objectives and Deliverables           

The consultant will deliver on the following objectives:



Midline Survey Tools, Methodology.

Feb-Apr 2020

Midline Survey Training

Midline Survey data management, analysis, and report

Implementation Toolkit Revised drafts in English and Thai

Feb-Apr 2020

Implementation Toolkit Fresh drafts in English and Thai

Implementation Toolkit Final Versions in English and Thai

Training of Trainers on the Implementation Toolkit before/in Semester 1

Mar-May 2020

Sep-Nov 2020

Training of Trainers on the Implementation Toolkit before/in Semester 2

Endline Survey Tools, Methodology.

Dec 2020-Feb 2021

Endline Survey Training

Endline Survey data management, analysis, and report


The consultant will report to the “50 Healthy schools” Protect Coordinator and will also work closely with the technical advisor. Save the Children will approve all plans and documents developed by the consultant.

The consultancy will be both, remote and in-person. Any costs due to travel and stay in Saraburi and Nakhon Ratchasima related to the consultancy will be covered by the project in addition to the consultancy fee.

Time frame

While the consultancy is not full-time, it will require over the course of the year, around 20% of the consultant’s time, with some periods of full-time engagement, some period of partial engagement and some period of no activity.


The applicant is requested to submit the proposal, work plan, and detailed budget (including estimated cost per day) with their application. The financial competitiveness of application will be considered in the selection process. All costs associated with delivery must be included, SCI will not pay for non-work travel, per diem, translation, supplies, or any additional staff support time needed.


  • Thai applicant
  • Language proficiencies required include Thai and English
  • Experience in conducting consultation with children, communities and government
  • Minimum Masters in Nutrition or Food Sciences, with proven track record on expertise in health and nutrition
  • Proven experience with quantitative and qualitative research methods
  • Ability and willingness to travel to field study areas (Korat and Saraburi Provinces)
  • Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines

Submission for the consultancy application

Submissions for the consultancy must address the TOR and include:

  • Name and contact details of the applicant
  • Resume of the lead consultant
  • A cover letter outlining the relevant experience and expertise of the consultant as well as initial ideas on the approach to be taken to achieve the consultancy objectives
  • A draft summary proposal (design, methods, approach) to meet the scope of the consultancy (max 5 pages)

Interested candidates should submit a motivational letter, comprehensive CV and details of at least 3 referees to:

Please indicate in the subject as “Consultant to support 50 Healthy Schools Project_(Name of candidate)”

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

“We need to keep children safe so our selection process, which includes rigorous background checks, reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse”

Contact : / 02 684 1286 - 88 ext. 608

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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