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Procurement of Air Ticket for DAI (Thailand) Ltd. for 12 months through a Blanket Purchase Agreement.

DAI, implementer of the USAID funded Together project, invites qualified vendors to submit proposals/bids to supply and deliver Air Ticket, as outlined below.


  1. RFP No.


  1. Issue Date

11 Feb 2020

  1. Title

Procurement of Air Ticket for DAI (Thailand) Ltd. for 12 months through a Blanket Purchase Agreement.

  1. Issuing Office & Email/Physical Address for Submission of Proposals

DAI (Thailand) Ltd. / Together Project 

No. 183, Regent House Building, 10th Floor, Rajdamri Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

  1. Deadline for Receipt of Questions

13 Feb 2020, 17:00 Hrs.

  1. Deadline for Receipt of Proposals.

20 Feb 2020, 17:00 Hrs.

  1. Contact Person

  1. Anticipated Award Type

Blanket Purchase Agreement. 

Issuance of this RFP in no way obligates DAI to award a subcontract or purchase order and offerors will not be reimbursed for any costs associated with the preparation of their bid.

  1. Basis for Award

An award will be made based on the Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable Source Selection process. The award will be issued to the responsible Offeror submitting the lowest evaluated price that meets or exceeds the acceptability requirements for technical/non-cost factors described in this RFP.

  1. General Instructions to Offerors
  • Due date for submission of Quotations is 17:00 local time on 20 Feb 2020.
  • Bidders shall submit quotes in a sealed envelope or electronically to
  • Submitted quotes must be valid for a period of 30 days.
  • Bidders shall sign and date their quotation.
  • Bidders shall complete Attachment A: Price Schedule template.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) shall be included on a separate line.
  • These services are not eligible for VAT exemption under the DAI prime agreement.
  1. Questions Regarding the RFP

Each Offeror is responsible for reading very carefully and understanding fully the terms and conditions of this RFP.  All communications regarding this solicitation are to be made solely through the Issuing Office and must be submitted via email or in writing delivered to the Issuing Office no later than the date specified above.  All questions received will be compiled and answered in writing and distributed to all interested Offerors. 

  1. Requirements for Technical Acceptability
  • Routes

Route of travelling – One way and Round Trip

  1. Bangkok to Hatyai
  2. Bangkok to Narathiwas
  3. Bangkok to Chiangmai
  4. Bangkok to Khon Kaen
  5. Hatyai to Khon Kaen
  6. Hatyai to Chiangmai
  7. Chiangmai to Khon Kaen
  8. Required Economy class and changeable ticket
    • Thai Airways: (Y, B, M, H, Q, T, K, V)
    • Thai Smile: Flexi
    • Nok Air: Nok Prime
    • Air Asia: Premium flex
    • Thai lion Air: Economy

The quoted price shall include all airline services for each route.

  • The quoted price shall not include the service fee and able to adjust according to the price of the airplane company.
  • The service fee including charges for ticket change must be fixed for one year.
  • Flight tickets will be purchased using a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA); the fixed price contract for service fee for a period of time and the ticket price shall be charged based on actual airline price.  Quantities of each order is given upon request through release order and the total amount of one year contract should not exceed the total amount in agreement.
  • Invoice submission: After ticket issuance, set of documents shall be complied according to DAI Together’s standards and requirements.
  • Hot line service numbers on holidays or weekends shall be provided.
  • Three references for relevant experience and past performance are required.
  • All bidders shall refer to DAI Together Price Schedule in Attachment A and Flight Details in Attachment C in submitting quotations.
  • DAI reserved the right to award single or multiple vendors upon the final decision of bid committee.


For more details please see Attachment A and Attachment C.

  1. Determination of Responsibility

DAI will not enter into any type of agreement with an Offeror prior to ensuring the Offeror’s responsibility. When assessing an Offeror’s responsibility, the following factors are taken into consideration:

  1. Provide copies of the required business licenses to operate in the host country.
  2. Evidence of a DUNS number (explained below and instructions contained in the Annex).
  3. The source, origin and nationality of the services are not from a Prohibited Country (explained below).
  4. Ability to comply with required or proposed delivery or performance schedules.
  1. Geographic Code
  • Under the authorized geographic code for its contract DAI may only procure goods and services from the following countries.
  • Geographic Code 937: Goods and services from the United States, the cooperating country, and "Developing Countries" other than "Advanced Developing Countries:, excluding prohibited countries. A list of the "Developing Countries" as well as "Advanced Developing Countries" can be found at: and respectively.
  • DAI must verify the source, nationality and origin, of goods and services and ensure (to the fullest extent possible) that DAI does not procure any services from prohibited countries listed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) as sanctioned countries. The current list of countries under comprehensive sanctions include: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. DAI is prohibited from facilitating any transaction by a third party if that transaction would be prohibited if performed by DAI. 
  • By submitting a quote in response to this RFQ, Bidders confirm that they are not violating the Source and Nationality requirements and that the services comply with the Geographic Code and the exclusions for prohibited countries.
  1. Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)

All U.S. and foreign organizations which receive first-tier subcontracts/ purchase orders with a value of $30,000 and above are required to obtain a DUNS number prior to signing of the agreement.   Organizations are exempt from this requirement if the gross income received from all sources in the previous tax year was under $300,000. DAI requires that Bidders sign the self-certification statement if the Bidder claims exemption for this reason.

For those required to obtain a DUNS number, you may request Attachment C: Instructions for Obtaining a DUNS Number.

For those not required to obtain a DUNS number, you may request Attachment D: Self-Certification for Exemption from DUNS Requirement

  1. Compliance with Terms and Conditions

Offerers shall be aware of the general terms and conditions for an award resulting from this RFP. The selected Offeror shall comply with all Representations and Certifications of Compliance listed in Attachment B.

  1. Procurement Ethics

By submitting an offeror, offerors certify that they have not/will not attempt to bribe or make any payments to DAI employees in return for preference, nor have any payments with Terrorists, or groups supporting Terrorists, been attempted. Any such practice constitutes an unethical, illegal, and corrupt practice and either the Offeror or the DAI staff may report violations to the Toll-Free Ethics and Compliance Anonymous Hotline at +1 855-603-6987, via the DAI website, or via email to


For more datails:

Contact :

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