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Impact data review in Thailand

The Freedom Fund is seeking an organisation to carry out an independent review of impact data in its Thailand  hotspot program. This review will focus on verifying the documentation behind impact numbers reported by Freedom Fund partner organisations. All partners report against a set of 13 indicators, which include the number of social and legal services provided, numbers of children enrolled in schools, number of community freedom groups etc,.


The selected provider will review a subset of impact data from two randomely selected partner organisations in our Thailand hotspot. Verifying the accuracy of reported data will involve reviewing records such as attendance registers, activity lists and beneficiary records, as well as leading site visits to review documents used for data collection and ensuring it correlates with numbers reported. Organisations who understand the context in Thailand will be given priority in the selection process.


This document contains an overview of the Freedom Fund program and outlines expectations for proposal submissions. Section D provides a detailed descriptions of the requested work.


  1. Deadline


CVs and cover letters should be submitted as soon as possible, proposals received on or before Wednesday 24 June 2020 will be given preference. Following review of applications, there may be an interview prior to the final selection– applicants will be informed if this is the case. Please submit completed CVs and cover letters to Orla Jackson at, keeping Sophie Hicks in copy. Informal inquires welcome; please contact Orla Jackson by email. See below for further information on the selection process.


  1. Overview of the Freedom Fund


The Freedom Fund is a philanthropic initiative designed to bring financial resources and strategic focus to the fight against modern slavery. Its primary objective is to achieve a measurable reduction in modern slavery, by addressing trafficking, exploitation, forced labour, child labour, and debt bondage. The Freedom Fund partners with local organisations in targeted geographic regions to support them to protect those at risk of slavery, liberate those enslaved and help them recover, and prosecute those responsible. We work to establish conditions that enable sustainable freedom.


  1. Background of the Thailand hotspot


Thailand is the world’s fourth-largest seafood exporter, reaping over $6.5 billion in revenues a year. But the profitable industry comes at a high cost to both the environment and to hundreds of thousands of migrant workers. The fishing and seafood labour force in Thailand is by a large majority composed of migrant workers from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, many of whom are susceptible to exploitation and unethical labour practices. Labour brokers recruit from vulnerable communities, promising favourable employment in the construction, manufacturing, or agriculture industries. Migrants often incur debt from labour brokers, costs ostensibly associated with transportation and securing employment in Thailand. This ‘debt’ is often transferred by labour brokers to owners of seafood processing factories or fishing boats, resulting in bonded and forced labour.


The Freedom Fund strategy to significantly reduce slavery in the Thai seafood industry is organised around three objectives:

1. To incentivise and support the private sector to improve transparency and adopt ethical labour practices leading to an eradication of forced labour in the seafood supply chain.

2. To strengthen civil society organisations to monitor the situation on the ground and to empower migrant workers. Migrants workers will be better able to access relevant services and those who escape forced labour will be more likely to seek and access compensation and redress.

3. Increase pressure on the Thai government to reform the regulatory framework, uphold migrant rights, and challenge the impunity of traffickers.



  1. Impact Data Review



At the Freedom Fund, impact data provides a powerful way of communicating the scale of our work. All partners across 8 international hotspot programs report against a set of 13 common indicators, which include the number of social and legal services provided, numbers of children enrolled in schools, number of community freedom groups etc,. The reporting is quantitative and done on a quarterly or six-monthly basis. 


To date, Freedom Fund Program Advisers have held the primary responsibility for reviewing the data produced by each partner. As part of the maturation of the impact data reporting system the Freedom Fund is introducing another stage in which some of the impact data reported for the prior six months is independently reviewed. Through this additional step, we hope to showcase the strength of the model and improve the credibility of our publicly-reported data. 


Review process:

The review will consist of looking at the records behind the impact numbers reported by two randomly selected partner organisations in the Freedom Fund’s Thailand hotspot. The selected supplier will be expected to lead office visits with each partner as part of the review process in order to verify records. These records will include, but not be limited to, attendance registers from the field, activity lists, beneficiary records and field workers’ written notes. This documentation will be used to ascertain whether the impact numbers reported to the Freedom Fund are accurate. The chosen provider will also hold meetings with staff at selected organisations to better understand the records presented and to determine the accuracy of impact data submitted. Prior to the start of this work, the Freedom Fund will engage with the selected provider to ensure they have a good understanding of our impact data reporting system.



The review will commence in the second half of August 2020 and will cover a subset of impact data indicators collected from July 2020. The selected supplier may decide to conduct some of the preparation work at the beginning of August 2020.


We anticipate these reviews being a biannual event, as such we would welcome a longer term relationship whereby the same supplier conducts the review on a recurring basis. Providing satisfactory completion of the first review.


Scope of work:






Stage 1 – preparation work

2-3 days

  • Develop detailed work plan
  • Build understanding of Freedom Fund impact data reporting system, including global indicators
  • Understand work and context of selected partner organisations
  • Hold introductory calls with partners, establish plan for field visit
  • Review partners reporting template and make specific documentation request

Early August

Stage 2 - visits to two partner organisations

2 – 3 days per partner

  • Review records kept by TWO Freedom Fund partners that support quantitative impact data, for agreed indicators and following review protocol
  • To include, but not limited to, attendance registers, activity lists, beneficiary records and handwritten notes:
  • Assess to confirm accuracy of reported impact numbers, ensuring that all figures reported have supporting documentation
  • Cross check figures across different forms of written documentation
  • Cross check figures by holding meetings with staff members


Mid August (week beginning 17 August)

Stage 3 - findings and recommendations

2-3 days

  • Analyse information gathered, identify whether there are gaps or confirm if all reported figures are substanciated
  • Hold call with the Freedom Fund to share findings
  • Provide short report providing findings and recommendations for improvements to the Freedom Fund for review
  • Revise report if necessary, and finalise

Late August


The Freedom Fund will share a review protocol before the end of July 2020 specifying details required for conducting the review.




  • All deliverables to be provided in English
  • A draft work plan should be submitted early in stage 1
  • Final report, subject to approval by the Freedom Fund



  1. Management and Monitoring of the Assignment


Freedom Fund Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Orla Jackson will monitor and coordinate the consultancy by:

  • Coordinating initial contact with Freedom Fund partner organisations.
  • Monitoring progress of the review through meetings by phone or in person, as needed.
  • Providing and facilitating inputs from the Freedom Fund head office on the drafts of all deliverables.
  • The selected supplier will be expected to be self sufficient in coordinating visits and obtaining documentation from partners once the review has begun.


  1. Key competencies required


  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Proven experience in conducting in-depth data verifications
  • Proven experience working with large data sets and conducting data cleaning exercises
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Thai
  • Knowledge of development sector and NGOs in Thailand
  • Demonstrated experience working with civil society organisations in Thailand
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out the activities and meet the objectives as described in Section D


  1. Desirable competencies
  • Demonstrated experience conducting audits


  1. Project Duration:


Proposals are requested for a project duration of approximately 8- 12 days work. Proposals should demonstrate an ability to begin work by early August. 


  1. Expression of Interest:


Organisations interested in this request should submit the following:

  • Cover letter demonstrating ability to conduct the impact data review and providing examples of previous experience that reflects the work outlined in this ToR.
  • Curriculum Vittae (CV) for individual(s) who will work on this project. If a team, please submit CVs for the whole team.
  • Daily rate and anticipated expenses (subject to approval by the Freedom Fund).


Selection will be made on the basis of an interview, at which shortlisted organisations should be prepared to share examples of previous work.


  1. Deadline and submission information:


Submissions for the project should be provided as soon as possible, CVs and cover letters received on or before Wednesday 24 June 2020 will be given preference. Following review of applications, there may be an interview prior to the final selection – applicants will be informed if this is the case. Please submit completed CVs and cover letters to Orla Jackson at, keeping Sophie Hicks in copy. If you have any additional questions, please contact Orla Jackson by email.


Following submission, the Freedom Fund will review and request additional clarifications as needed. Please identify a contact person and provide contact details with your submission should additional interaction be required.




Contact : and

นักวิจัย / Researcher


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