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Enhancement and acceleration project for refugees encamped along Thai-Myanmar border (LEAP). June 2020.





1. Introduction: 


Caritas Spain implements projects of cooperation to development with an approach of “fraternal cooperation”, working for the poorest in a relationship of equality, reciprocity and co-responsibility, looking for the empowerment of local Caritas, strengthening the structures of these Caritas and maintaining an active presence in the Regional and International networks.


At Caritas Spain, we consider communication as a key part of the accountability mechanisms, both towards the donors and the society as a whole (upward accountability) and towards the participants in our projects (downward accountability). At the same time, awareness raising is a cross cutting action in all our projects, being the ultimate objective to promote a critical knowledge of the social challenges we face in our action and lead to positive changes in society.


COERR (Catholic Office for Emergency Relief and Refugees) was established by Catholic Bishops' Conference of Thailand (CBCT) in 1978 as a non-profit organization to provide relief to those affected by natural disasters and humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced persons in Thailand, including the local population affected by the influx of refugees into Thailand. COERR operates under the concept of love and serving all fellowmen in-need regardless of their race, religion, gender or political ideology.


2. Project framework

The project Livelihood enhancement and acceleration project for refugees encamped along Thai Myanmar border (LEAP) is a 2-years action aimed to contributing to a long-term solution to the challenges encountered by the Myanmar refugees living in nine camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, by fostering livelihood opportunities while the target population remains in the camps, thus creating capacities that potentially can serve the refugees in their future life outside the camps.


The project is being implemented in all nine camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, and includes residents of Thai host communities nearby/affected by the camps who choose to participate in this project. 


3. Objectives for the consultancy

Caritas Spain and COERR are seeking a technical service provider to produce a collection of short/interviews with the following objectives:

1.           Showcase the personal story of 1 or 2 refugees who have joined since 2017 and show their learning processes and their life improvement;

2.           Showcase the personal story of 1 or 2 CBRS and/or farmers and how the COVID-19 emergency has impacted their life;

3.           Collect the testimonial of 1 or 2 LCC staff involved on the importance of community managed activities;

4.           Showcase the personal story of 1 or 2 COERR staff and discuss about their own personal learning process as well as their perspective on the situation in the camps.


Connected to the COVID-19 situation, the testimonials should also include how our project has helped them (the participants) cope during this crisis. We would also like to feature how the COVID-19 situation has actually become an opportunity for our CBRS to be more empowered, and able to continue operating the project (self-reliance).



4. Duties and deliverable products 


The deliverable for this consultancy will be the following:

-              A fully edited video containing the selected testimonials in local language and in English. (the participants will be selected by Caritas Spain and COERR in order to ensure gender and age balance)

6. Profile of the consultant team 

  • Proven experience in delivering professional services to not for profit organisations;
  • Strong knowledge in the situation of Myanmar refugees in Thailand;
  • Knowledge and experience in human rights and gender issues;
  • Strong knowledge of the Thai context in relation to security issues related to the dissemination of communication materials in relation with refugees;
  • Fluency in English and preference will be given to teams with members speaking Karen and Burmese;
  • Respect towards cultural and religious diversity;
  • Due to the current COVID-19 situation and further restrictions imposed bu RTG, the consultant must hold an authorisation by MOI regarding access to and working in the camps.

Both companies and independent consultants can submit their proposals. The bidders will have to specify the components of the team that will perform the consultancy. Any change in the proposed team will have to be notified to the contractor. 


7. Timeframe and location of the consultancy    


The consultancy covers a span of 3 months from the signature of the contract. There will be flexibility in the implementation of the required tasks and submission of products, according to the needs identified during the process of consultancy. The location for developing the consultancy is Thailand, specifically the 9 temporary shelters along the Thai Myanmar border.  A selection of camps and camp residents will be done in coordination with CE and COERR.



Below is a tentative schedule for the implementation of the consultancy: 






Elaboration of videos












Edition of the video







8. Budget and method of payment


The maximum available Budget for the consultancy is 5.000€ (VAT included). This budget includes the consultants travel costs. The payment procedure will follow Caritas Spain internal procedures.  


9. Follow up and supervision


The follow up of the work will be performed jointly by Caritas Spain Unit of Technical Support and Humanitarian Aid, the Caritas Spain headquarter desk for Thailand, the Caritas Spain representative in Thailand and COERR designated coordination team for this project.


The consultant must ensure a close communication with the contracting entity, so that all drafts products can be followed and validated before going into the next production phase.


10. Requirements for the presentation of proposals


The submitted proposals must include at least the following Information (all the documents must be submitted in English):


  1. Tehcnical proposal;


  1. Detailed economic offer expressed in EURO. It must be inclusive of VAT and/or any other relevant taxes.


  1. CV of the consultant/consultant team.


11. Selection and evaluation criteria 


Selection criteria will be both technical and financial, considering the proposal that best fits the needs of the organizations and the activity proposed. 

The bids submitted will be scored with a possible total of 100 points, broken down as follows:


  1. Technical quality of the proposal and its suitability for the purposes fixed: 40 points.
  2. Composition of the team: 40 points
  3. Financial proposal: 20 points


Bidders will be informed of their exclusion or success within 15 calendar days of the opening of the proposals received.

The corresponding contract may be signed either by Caritas Spain or by its local partner COERR. The contract will indicate the duration of the service, its cost and applicable conditions and the present ToRs will be annexed to it.

The successful bidder undertakes to execute the contract in its own right, as any third-party assignment or subcontracting is prohibited, unless specifically authorised by the contracting entity.

Furthermore, the contractor shall be liable for any consequences derived from any inaccuracies in statements made in respect of compliance with the obligations under these TOR and the subsequent contract entered into.


12. Ethical and professional behaviour premises


The following basic premises are required for ethical, professional behaviour by the work team: 

Anonymity and confidentiality: The team must uphold people’s right to provide information anonymously and in confidence.

Ethics: The team must ensure through a signed commitment to strictly comply with COERR Code of Conduct while performing the service.

Independence: The team must assure its independence from the intervention undertaken, having no links with its management or any of its component parts. 

Data protection: The Consulting firm undertakes to maintain the strictest professional secrecy and confidentiality in respect of any personal data to which it has access in consequence of the work carried out and to duly comply with the duty of custody of such data required under the Personal 


Data Protection Act 1999 (15/99, of 13 December). This requirement shall apply to the consultancy firm throughout the term of the services contract and subsequent to its expiry for any related cause. The consultancy firm further expressly undertakes to take the necessary technical and organisational steps to protect the security of any personal data to which it has access and to prevent any alteration, loss, unauthorised processing of or access to such data, taking into account the current technology available, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which it is exposed, whether from human action or from the physical or natural environment, complying in this respect with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 1999 at all times.

Incidents: Any problems arising during the field work or at any other stage must be communicated immediately to the NGDO, which at its own discretion will forward the relevant information to the funding agency. Otherwise the existence of any such problems may not be used to justify any failure to obtain the results established by the NGDO under these TOR.

Copyright and dissemination. It should be clear that the consultant must give up the rights of use and dissemination to the contracting entities. By virtue of the grant contract between the contracting entities and the European Union, the latest is also entitled to make use and dissemination of any and all audio-visual materials produced by the project. 

Penalty arrangements. In the event of any delay in the delivery of reports or if the quality of the reports delivered is manifestly lower than what was agreed with the NGDO, the penalties and arbitration measures established by the contracting entity under the official terms and conditions of the contract entered into with the consultancy firm shall apply.



13. Submission of proposals

Technical and financial proposals shall be submitted before July 3rd 2020 at the latest.  

Place of presentation: Thailand

Staff responsible for receiving and evaluating tenders (send to all):


Mrs. Vittoria Garofalo: 

Mrs. Francesca Petriliggieri:

Mr. Ben Mendoza: 



Caritas Spain HQ (Madrid):

C/ Embajadores, 162, 28045 Madrid


Tel. (Spain): +91 444 10 00

COERR central office (Bangkok):

122/11 Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Thailand, 6th floor, Soi Nonsi 14

enhancement and acceleration project for refugees encamped along Thai-Myanmar border (LEAP). August 2019.

Nonsi Rd., Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok, 1020, Thailand Tel. +66 (0) 2681 3900

Method of presentation: digital format through e-mail.


Contact :

ระดมทุน / Fundraisingกราฟิก / Computer Graphic


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