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E-learning Community related to Health, HIV, TB, Rights, Gender for Migrant Volunteers

Contracting Authority: Raks Thai Foundation

Terms of Reference (TOR) for


E-learning Community related to Health, HIV, TB, Rights, Gender for Migrant Volunteers



Under the Program Title

Stop TB and AIDS through RTTR 2018-2020 (“STAR-2”)

Funded by

The Global Fund to fight AIDS Tuberculosis and Malaria


Requisition number


Issued dated

25 June 2020


The purpose of this Terms of Reference (“ToR”) is to hire a consultant team to develop e-learning program for NGO field officers and for migrant community volunteers on migrant health with a focus on HIV and TB and also sexual and reproductive health.  The e-learning system for migrant should have the following characteristics:

1) Be developed for Myanmar field staff and community workers.

2) Be developed with a high level of contextualization to the life patterns of migrant workers national characteristics/language and culture and also social patterns while working/living in Thailand;

3) With the intent of basic learning for outreach field staff of CSOs as well as community volunteers that need not bepart of any institution or program; 

4) Cover the topics HIV, TB, reproductive and sexual health, access to health services, and gender-based violence;

5) Have a strong consideration of gender, age, occupational factors related to health and access to health.

6) Is intended for the learning to apply in individual and group discussions with larger populations. 

7) Has a scoring system that provides feedback to the program administer as well as to the individual who engages with the course regularly.

8) Enables updating with new information;

Program Title

Stop TB and AIDS through RTTR 2018-2020 (“STAR-2”)

Funding Source

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Require for competitive bidding



Contents in the TOR


1. Purpose

7. Deliverables

2. Background

8. Payment and Consultant Fees

3. Objectives of the TOR

9. Rights and Properties

4. Expectation

10. Qualifications and Required Documents

5. Scope of Work

11. Key Contacts

6. Duration and Duty Station




Raks Thai, a member of CARE International, has been working in Thailand since 1979 in the area of emergency relief, community natural resources management, micro enterprise promotion, education, health and HIV/AIDS prevention and care for affected families. 


Raks Thai, as Principal Recipient of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria for STAR-2 (2018-2020), implements activities targeting several key affected populations, and builds on the success of the previous STAR-1 (2015-2017) phase. The program focuses on an acceleration to end AIDS and TB in Thailand by harnessing public-sector and civil-society partnerships to improve early and sustained access to diagnosis and treatment among people who inject drugs (“PWID”), migrant workers (“MW”), men who have sex with men (“MSM”), and transgender (“TG”). Intervention strategies emphasize prevention and transmission of HIV (PWID, MSM, TG, and MW), HCV (PWID), and TB (MW) by sustaining intensive behavior change activities, appropriate use of prophylaxis and strategic use of anti-retroviral drugs. The emphasis includes ensuring early and accurate diagnosis of HIV, HCV and TB diseases by improving diagnostic capability, and reducing turn-around time by using rapid HIV testing. 


As part of the STAR-2 project, Raks Thai and partners also implement a large-scale health programs for migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos began in 2002 and have continued to the present day. In all this is has been a period of about 18 years. During this period there has been much progress in terms of the proportion of migrants who are fully documented with passport and work permit and who hold the temporary pass while waiting for citizenship confirmation. Both of these groups and their dependent living in Thailand, are eligible to health insurance. Hospitals are also more equipped with translators in the languages of the migrant workers. 

Migrants in Thailand, mostly use mobile phones to communicate with their peers, track news and follow up with their friends and family. 

Still the role of community outreach for migrant populations remain of high importance to the preventive health care of migrant workers. This because most of the migrant populations are not connected with the health information systems of the Ministry of Public Health or the local hospitals. They are also not covered by Thailand extensive village health volunteers due to language and social barriers. 

The recent COVID-19 pandemic that threatened communities around the world, recognized the higher vulnerability of migrant workers living abroad. Not only were emergency testing and treatment mostly geared towards Thai nationals, information on basic behaviors and how/where to reach preventive materials was also scarce among migrants. 

Raks Thai Foundation (“Raks Thai”) is responsible for the ToRunder the Stop TB and AIDS through RRTTR 2018-2020 (“STAR-2”), which is funded by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (“The Global Fund”).


2. Purpose of E-learning program for migrant community health workers


The purpose of the E-learning program for migrant health workers and community volunteers is to promote HIV and TB prevention, screening and testing and treatment among the migrant population, along with other health aspects and related rights defined in the TOR. The e-learning will result in:

1. The STAR program may organize ongoing training services for new field staff who are Myanmar nationals over a period of 20 hours.

2. Enable community volunteers to use the same training program to learning how to become effective community volunteers in the areas covered by the program.

3. Enable the program to measure levels of understanding and skills of field staff and community volunteers and can provide ongoing support through face-to-face and/or online sessions. 



The expectations of these ToR are:


1) Through decisions with Raks Thai staff and reading materials to study the full range of services of the STAR program intended for migrant workers and also the need among migrant populations that are particularly related to access to health information, health seeking behaviors, barriers for health and medical treatment.

2) Conduct site visits to discuss program staff and representatives of the targeted migrant populations in more specific details in Samtsakorn, Suratthani and Chiangmai to understand health behaviors and local context in terms of community health and its linkages to hospital care;

3) Develop the overall framework, contents and proposed presentation (storyboard) on the e-learning for migrant field staff and community health volunteers.;

4) Work closely with Raks Thai Foundation team in Bangkok and Samutsakorn develop the contents for the e-learning program;

5) Develop the presentations and test with migrant populations on their understanding of the contents and level of motivation it creates to carry through;

6) Complete production and set up that is accessible online and produce basic training manuals for instructors, learners and for the technical maintenance of the system;

7) Train Raks Thai key staff and handover the completed system along with training manual and instructional handbooks on the program usage, maintenance and updating.


5. SCOPE OF E-learning program

Contents of the e-learning for field staff and migrant volunteers(Raks Thai reserves the right to make changes based on actual discussions and elaborations) :

1. Registration by Field staff or Community Volunteer, gender, age, and other key characteristics 

2. Introduction on the importance of health and control of communicable diseases among migrant workers in Thailand;

3. Who are you the CSO health workers or the Community Volunteer and how you can use this training tool;

4. Overview of modules

5. Module 1: Personal communications skills;

6. Module 2: Understanding community health as a migrant worker;

a. Various areas of community health;

b. Health at the worksite;

c. Am I protected? Medically, legally, socially, financially

d. Role of community health programs


7. Module 3: HIV/AIDS,

a. What it is, how it is transmitted, 

b. Related behaviors that increase risk,

c. Prevention of HIV social and mechanical tools,

d. Communications for prevention on condoms and other tools;

e. Influence of gender, age, occupation and conducting the personal risk assessment, 

f. Knowledge of when to go for counseling, screening and testing, 

g. Basic knowledge of treatment and role of health facilities,

h. Fighting stigma.


8. Module 4: Tuberculosis (TB)

a. Understanding TB and risk behaviors,

b. TB basic symptoms and how to test,

c. Effective treatment,

d. Communications for prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment.

e. Fighting stigma.


9. Module 5: Introduction to Sexual and Reproductive Health;

a. What is sexual and reproductive health;

b. Entering age of sexual and reproductive health;

c. Gender and sexual/reproductive health;

d. Methods of family planning;

e. Access to services;

f. Safe motherhood, and maternal and child health;

g. Related rights related to personal rights; access to services, role of employers


10. Module 6: Gender-Based Violence

a. What is gender-based violence;

b. What can I do if it is happening to me or someone I know;


Technical specifications – See Annex



The period expected for methodology and analysis framework design, data collection (including travel), data analysis and reportis between 1st August to 20 December 2020.






Research and development

1- 31 August 2020

Draft concept and present a workplan


Production design

30 September2020

Present outline of application


Production and IT design

31 October 2020

• Submit prototype of each module

• Present module with features on the application


Test/ trial, train and user manual development

30 November2020

Submit a report of user’s trial and train project staff how to use the application with user manual


Final handover usable application

20 December 2020

Submit password and relevant documents



All materials associated with this consultancy process should be submitted along with the final report.




Deliverables expected for this TOR align with the scope of work, above, and detailed again below:




Due Date


Conduct site visits, draft concept, outline and present a workplan

1- 31 August 2020


Further work with Samutsakorn Raks Thai team to understand requirements, and work on communications in Myanmar language that is appropriate for use in the e-learning pgoram.


Through out program development 


Submit story board of application and Production and IT design

30 September 2020


Submit prototype/story board of each module

Present module with features on the application

Alpha version of Design (sitemap, wireframes and visuals) and prototype 

Beta version of design (sitemap, wireframes and visuals) and prototype

31st October 2020


Submit a report of user’s trial and train project staff how to use the application with user manual

30th November 2020


Submit password and relevant documents and final handover usable application

20th December 2020




Consultant Fees

The total amount proposed for this ToR is up to 3,000,000 Thai Baht for the selected Consultant.


The maximum daily rate is 5,000 THB, which is subject to all relevant tax obligations according to Thai law. All costs incurred under this ToR are included in the daily rate unless otherwise stated below. Any payment made to the Consultant will be based on actual invoices and receipts according to the payment schedule (below) and after successful completion of the agreed deliverables (Section 7). 


Transport from home to the implementing province, local transportation and accommodation, will be organized and paid separately by Raks Thai. Any additional local transportation costs incurred by the Consultant within the implementing province in order to conduct activities under the ToR can be reimbursed based on actual invoices and receipt and in accordance with the project budget and Raks Thai policies. 




1st instalment, corresponds 20% of the agreed amount

- Signed contract by Raks Thai and the Consultant prior to first day of consultancy

- Submission and verification of deliverable 1 and all associated documents

- 1st payment invoice from the Consultant

2nd instalment, corresponds to 40% of the agreed amount

- Submission and verification of deliverables 2 and 3, and all associated documents

- 2nd payment invoice from the Consultant

3rd instalment, corresponds to 20% of the agreed amount

- Submission and verification of deliverable 4 and all associated documents

- 3rd payment invoice from the Consultant

4th instalment, corresponds to 20% of the agreed amount

- Submission and verification of deliverable 5 and all associated documents

- Final payment invoice from the Consultant


Remarks: Instalment payment is subject to satisfactory receipt of the deliverables within the STAR-2 program timeframe and pending review of the deliverables by the Director and designated staff of the Program Quality Department, Raks Thai Foundation. Each payment will be made in Thai Baht to the bank account designated by the Consultant.




Raks Thai Foundation own the data, rights and property for all products under these Terms of Reference. Dissemination of products and services owned by Raks Thai Foundation are subjected to a written permission from an authorized person of Raks Thai Foundation. The sharing or distribution of products or any other contents or documents produced under these ToRwithout permission from Raks Thai is not allowed.


Raks Thai will not be responsible for any harms or claims, liabilities, suits, actions (including charges, disbursements and reasonable fees of counsel), proceedings, damages, expenses and obligations of any kind that be incurred by the Consultant or asserted against the Consultant, its officers and employees, by or on behalf of any person on account of, based or resulting from, arising out of (or which may be claimed to arise out of) the willful acts or omission of the Consultant and its agents, employees, research sites, assignees, transferees, delegates or successors, for which the Consultant retains responsibility.




Technical requirement:

The Consultant leader/team must have skills and able to demonstrate evidence of experience in:

• Cross-functional "Mobile Solution" team comprised of Consultants, solution architects, UI engineers, developers, and test engineers among others. They must have significant experience in mobile application design and development. 

• Experience developing participatory learning materials for the humanitarian/international development sector, preferably in the context of inclusion.;

• Advanced verbal and written in English and Thai languageskills, with the ability to communicate in Myanmar language;

• Ability to work with Raks Thai field staff and community representatives in the Myanmar language; 

• Ability to write a research report in English and present findings in Thai and English to various stakeholders;

• Willingness to work extensively during field visits including by motorcycle where necessary; and

• Ability to deliver on time and work under pressure


Required documents:

• Proposal should demonstrate:

o Expression of interest detailing suitability and proven experience according to the technical requirements and scope of work of no more than 3-page maximum;

o Proposed timeline, number of days and total budget to complete all deliverables according to the scope of work;

o Curriculum Vitae (CV) of team leader and;

o Examples of previous similar work in the last 3 years;

o At least 2 references from former employers 




Place for document submission

All required documents must be email to Raks Thai contact persons no later than 14 August 2020 by 23:59 (11:59 pm) Bangkok time.


Submission of all documents is by e-mail to:

Name: Naowarat Inthuprapha


Phone: 02 2656815

Contact : Place for document submission All required documents must be email to Raks Thai contact persons no later than 14 August 2020 by 23:59 (11:59 pm) Bangkok time. Submission of all documents is by e-mail to: Name: Naowarat Inthuprapha Email: Phone: 02 2656815

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