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Project Manager Pattani, Thailand

Terms of Reference

Project Manager

Pattani, Thailand



Pattani Province, Thailand



The project will promote inter-communal collaboration, mutual understanding and positive engagement between Pattani-Malay and Central-Thai, while improving economic opportunities for vulnerable youth in Pattani Province, Thailand. This will be achieved by addressing key conflict drivers, including the lack of economic opportunities for youth, the lack of trust among local populations in government institutions, particularly educational, and growing patterns of prejudice between Pattani-Malay and Thai Buddhist communities.

Specifically, the project will bring Pattani-Malay and Central-Thai youth together to participate in culturally sensitive and relevant vocational training and collaborative small enterprise development training, which will be developed collaboratively by local stakeholders, such as CSOs, Government authorities (OVEC), businesses and vocational training colleges. Social cohesion between youth and potential employers will be further promoted through internship opportunities (i.e. Pattani-Malay youth interning at Central-Thai business, and vice versa) to improve the employability and skill development of VT graduates.



To provide overall management and technical support to vocational training institutions for the implementation of vocational skills training, small enterprise development and internship components, including all related projects and activities in the respective USAID Achieve project to promote social cohesion amongst Pattani-Malay and Central-Thai. In addition, to assist in the development, delivery, monitoring, and evaluation of vocational training and related activities, and provide project delivery support at the field level to VT trainers according to relevant guidelines and procedure.




Hierarchical: Country Director




Internal: Finance, Logistics, PD. Country Coordination

External: STC field staff, local VTCs, local CSOs, local businesses, local Government





  • Line manage all project staff;
  • Take ownership of the PMF document, providing monthly updates to the PDO and CD;
  • Take ownership of all project relating budgets, forecasting and BFU’s;
  • Take ownership of all project related logistics, including procurement;
  • Develop overall project work plan as well as monthly work plans for project implementation;
  • Budget forecasts and monitoring project spending;
  • Review the quality and relevance of VT and SED courses to meet the educational needs and income opportunities specialized for youth and young adults (Pattani-Malay and Central-Thai);
  • Identify VT trainers from local VTCs and recruit local CSOs, and provide ToT and regular refresher courses in collaboration with partners;
  • Lobby Thai authorities to promote the support of VT to provide youth with the skills and knowledge to access economic opportunities;
  • Liaise with partner in Pattani on internship placements of VT graduates;
  • Facilitate the development of contacts with all relevant local stakeholders in Pattani.


Monitoring & Evaluation, Reporting

  • Conduct regular monitoring visits to project sites to monitor progress of implementation with data disaggregated by age and gender;
  • Collection of case studies, documentation of best practices and challenges, coordination of lesson learn sessions; data disaggregated by age and gender;
  • Compile and submit internal monthly narrative and progress report.


Staff Supervision

  • Participate/lead recruitment of new staff and volunteers;
  • Conduct training /mentoring /coaching for project staff and volunteers;
  • Evaluate team performance through individual staff appraisals.


Coordination and External Relations

  • Represent ACTED at relevant coordination meetings and at the project’s steering group, composed of key local stakeholder and project partners;
  • Develop/strengthen relations with the Office of the Vocational Education Commission (OVEC), local CSOs, local Thai VTCs and local business owners to maximize the long-term impact of VT, SED and internship components within the project;
  • Liaise and coordinate with Save the Children program staff.



  • Adhere to HAP standards as set by ACTED;
  • Any other task as assigned by the line manager.



  • Languages: Thai (fluency required), English (high level of written and spoken required), Jawi (preferred)
  • Understanding of local context, specifically social tensions between ethnic and religious groups, in the Deep South of Thailand
  • Selected candidates will be vetted to reflect our commitment to protect children from abuse
  • Previous experience of working for an international NGO
  • Previous experience of managing complex projects
  • Previous experience of working on USAID funded projects



Each applicant should provide:

  • CV;
  • Cover letter.

Applications should be submitted via email to , and

Contact :

ผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project manager


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