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Prospect Researcher

Job Title:                                Prospect Researcher

Level and Grade:                L4 (if reporting to Regional President); L5 (if reporting to Advancement Office

Job Type:                               Part Time

Job Status:                            Contractor

Reporting Manager:         Regional President or Advancement Office Director, depending on candidate

Region:                                   Asia Pacific (APAC)

Department:                        APAC Advancement

Date:                                         5/1/2020



International Justice Mission (IJM) is the global leader in protecting the poorest people from violence in the developing world. Our global team of over 1,200 professionals are at work in over 25 offices across Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America. Together we are catalyzing a global movement that will rescue millions, protect half a billion, and make justice for the poor unstoppable. Motivated by God’s call to seek justice for the oppressed, we believe that the way we work is as important as the results we achieve. We are a global community that cares for one another. We value joy and celebration, and we strive to provide professional excellence and proven results to all those we serve. 

Job Brief 

After nearly two decades of continued growth and operational success in pioneering the work of protecting the world’s poorest people from violence, IJM has become a US$80 million organization. As IJM continues this trajectory of growth and scaling of our impact, we imagine a global movement in citizen security where governments own and deliver unprecedented justice and protection to the poorest, marginalized and vulnerable.    A critical driver of this vision will be scaling our revenue, expanding our Advancement work across Asia, and moving the world’s leading agents of change, including business, donor governments, faith communities, and international development institutions to invest in, leverage and champion IJM’s proven model of change.


IJM Asia Pacific is seeking a part-time Prospect Researcher contractor who will provide research services to help us reach our ambitious fundraising goals. The Prospect Researcher will provide timely, thoughtful, and accurate research and analysis of major donor information, including individuals, foundations, corporations, philanthropy networks and other prospects, to IJM Australia, IJM Hong Kong, IJM Korea and IJM Singapore. They will communicate with Advancement points of contact through e-mail, reporting, Salesforce and phone calls to obtain guidance on prospects and research needs, as well as provide feedback and analysis on research learnings, prioritization recommendations, and tracking of prospects. This position will also work with the Advancement and Regional Office support teams to build and maintain a collaborative and centralized prospect management system that drives effective movement of gift prospects through the donor cycle


The ideal candidate for this role is a team player with experience in prospect research, especially in the Asia Pacific. This candidate will be familiar with a broad range of research techniques, tools and resources, is reliable, and has excellent communication skills. Most importantly, the right candidate is excited by the opportunity to create the critical research infrastructure, including analytical database structuring and reporting, needed in the Asia Pacific to help IJM fulfil our mission to protect the poor from violence.  The candidate will be based out of Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore or Seoul and report to either the Regional President, Asia Pacific or an Advancement Office Director depending on the location and experience of the candidate.

Key Result Areas

  1. Collaborative Advancement Strategy:  Work closely with front-line Advancement staff to develop strategies and communication practices for proactive research and prospect management, donor cultivation, and infusion of IJM into regional philanthropy networks.
  2. Manage Prospect Research Knowledge: Stay up to date and constantly build a storehouse of knowledge on regional philanthropy, foundation and corporate giving in the Asia Pacific, using industry best practice methods, resources and partnerships.
  3. Prospect Analysis and Recommendations:  Provide ongoing analysis, prioritization recommendations, and guidance on moving each prospect through the donor cycle to Advancement Offices.
  4. APAC Regional System and Training on Prospect Research:  Contribute to APAC’s development of Advancement infrastructure and a major gifts pipeline by building an organizational system and guidance to manage research tools, knowledge acquisition, prospect tracking and analysis.

Roles and Responsibilities

Strategy & Knowledge Development & Implementation:

  1. Maintain ongoing knowledge of the Asia Pacific region’s philanthropy, foundation and business giving culture, trends and prospects.
  2. Execute a proactive research routine, leverage data analytics and introduce industry best practice to identify new major gift prospects through data mining efforts, including use of daily news screens, push technology alerts, publication monitoring, website research and donor list analysis.
  3. Research individual and corporate, foundation and individual philanthropist prospects for new development opportunities. Identify matches between IJM strategy and initiatives, and new or existing corporate, philanthropy forum, and foundation programming.
  4. Provide basic research profiles and reports, including assessments of wealth and philanthropic interests, wealth ratings, biographical information, etc.
  5. Recommend follow-up actions to IJM fundraisers based on research and analysis on current donors, potential donors, lapsed donors, upgrade prospects, and planned giving prospects.
  6. Lead regular prospect review meetings, prioritize and assign qualified prospects to fundraisers.
  7. Identify relevant forums, conferences and public engagement opportunities to raise IJM’s brand awareness and place IJM as a leading voice and thought leader on issues related to modern slavery and protection of the poor from violence.

Networking & Partnership

  1. Develop and maintain strong working relationships with Asia Pacific Advancement Office leadership and staff, as well as Asia Pacific Regional Office support staff.

Training, Policies & Procedures

  1. Work with the APAC Advancement leaders and Regional Office support team to build and maintain a collaborative and centralized prospect knowledge management system that drives effective movement of gift prospects through the donor cycle, including analytical data base structuring and reporting system.
  2. Provide training to all Advancement staff on the process and use of prospect research.


  1. Maintain clear, proactive and timely communication with all Advancement contacts to ensure ongoing prospect research needs are met, that they are receiving constant input on prospects, and sufficient analysis and recommendations to help them with decision making and prioritization.
  2. Draft communications that align with IJM voice in brand, style, grammar, punctuation, content, spelling, readability, and clarity. 

Education & Experience

  1. At least three years’ development research experience, specifically major gift fundraising, in Asia Pacific.
  2. Knowledge of prospect management best practices and work experience in either designing or working within more formalized protocols.
  3. Exceptional ability to communicate complex information in an accurate and concise manner.
  4. Experience supporting multiple diverse teams across a geographic region, to support ambitious goals, with proven results.

Technical Competencies

  1. Experience using online databases, constituent relationship management databases, Microsoft Office, wealth screening and research tools.
  2. Experience with Web-based research, public information, government databases, financial documents, and online news retrieval systems.
  3. Familiarity with prospect pool building, non-profit fundraising, predictive modelling, interest in data science and information management.
  4. Strong written and oral communication skills, with a keen eye for detail.

Non-Technical Competencies

  1. Passion for IJM’s mission, theory of change, and spiritual formation practices.
  2. Curiosity to explore and understand IJM’s work and objectives to build the most useful research and analysis for APAC Advancement Offices.
  3. Highly organized with strong time management and attention to detail.
  4. Global & cross-cultural awareness and competency.
  5. Ability to build and maintain trust with a variety of disciplines and staff levels.
  6. Analytical and strategic thinking skills.
  7. Ethical maturity, especially managing confidential information.
  8. Ability to organize and manage a diverse and demanding range of assignments with efficiency, a flexible and positive demeaner, and thorough attention to detail.
  9. Ability to use discretion when working with highly confidential information.

Application process:


Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinatorนักพัฒนาโครงการ / Creative content developerระดมทุน / Fundraisingนักกิจกรรม / Activistผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project manager


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